UserTesting Integrates with Contentsquare, Links User Feedback to Actual Experiences

UserTesting Integrates with Contentsquare, Links User Feedback to Actual Experiences

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UserTesting, a technology firm that helps businesses get rapid customer feedback, is partnering with the digital experience platform Contentsquare to make it easier for businesses to gauge the performance of their digital experiences.

The partnership, announced just this week, allows UserTesting and Contentsquare clients to unlock additional customer experience insights across all digital properties, and analyze UserTesting insights alongside Contentsquare experience data to troubleshoot issues as they happen.

“It was a natural fit,” says Rob Vandenberg, global vice president of channels and alliances at UserTesting. “Contentsquare helps companies identify what people are doing across digital experiences, and UserTesting helps to take that one step further by enabling them to understand why they are doing it — to better validate their assumptions and focus on key areas for improvement.”

Although this is the first time UserTesting and Contentsquare have partnered, Vandenberg says they share roughly 190 joint customers, making it clear that there is quite a bit of crossover in the services each company offers.

“We recognized the value of combining Contentsquare’s behavioral analytics with UserTesting’s video-based feedback and customer narrative capabilities,” Vandenberg says. “Together, brands can gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers and improve their digital experiences.”

The combination of Contentsquare’s behavioral data with UserTesting’s video-based insights should make it easier for organizations to validate assumptions and test hypotheses of digital customer interactions, which will allow users to better deliver on customer needs. Organizations will be able to identify customer preferences within Contentsquare and then run tests through UserTesting to gauge the performance of their digital experience options. They’ll also be able to uncover insights on overall customer engagement. 

Vandenberg cites several potential use cases. For example, a brand that wants to uncover the actions behind user feedback could identify digital behaviors within Contentsquare and launch a UserTesting test for more contextual insights. Brands will also have the opportunity to measure how many customers are having similar experiences when CX issues occur by analyzing UserTesting insights alongside Contentsquare’s behavioral data. 

“The partnership between Contentsquare and UserTesting is set to aid teams aiming to meet KPIs in website conversion and website experience metrics by linking user feedback to their actual experiences on the site,” Vandenberg says. 

Strategic alliances between technology vendors are happening more frequently in 2023. Recent studies have shown that data challenges increase as companies add more solutions to their technology stacks, but partnerships like the one between UserTesting and Contentsquare are designed to combat those issues by making it easier to combine data and get more intelligence from the systems and platforms that companies already have in place.

“The increasing trends of partnerships like ours underscores the value of integrating platforms that teams are already using to enhance how they can be used with greater benefit to the end-users,” Vandenberg says. “It indicates a growing desire among companies to empathize with their customers and help them maximize their tech stack investments.”

Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.