Thumbtack, Scorpion Streamline Marketing for Home Services |

Thumbtack, Scorpion Partnership Streamlines Marketing for Home Services Pros

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The digital martech provider Scorpion is partnering with the home management platform Thumbtack, in a first-of-its-kind integration announced just this week. With the deal in place, Thumbtack’s customer base of small business owners and solopreneurs working in the home services industry will be able to utilize Scorpion’s advertising and communications tools to get more leads from their websites and improve customer retention.

More and more homeowners are looking online to determine who they should hire for their home-based projects. More than six-in-10 consumers now say they research home services businesses online using Google, Yelp or other search sites, and features like online scheduling are more important than ever for businesses that hope to secure a competitive advantage.

According to Jamie Adams, chief revenue officer at Scorpion, the Thumbtack partnership was a long time in the making. 

“We realized that Thumbtack and Scorpion had very similar audiences — but different ways of servicing them. With a shared long-term goal of strengthening client base retention, the partnership is mutually beneficial,” Adams says. “We want to help the small businesses we serve thrive.”

The home service vertical has seen explosive growth, reaching an incredible $657 billion in total addressable market size for the first time in 2022. Home equity gains, coupled with rising interest rates, are expected to push more homeowners to remodel, rather than sell their homes and move, in the coming years, expanding Thumbtack’s target market even further. 

Home services is just one of many verticals serviced by Scorpion. The company also works with multi-location brands, franchises, healthcare organizations, and law firms on virtually all aspects of digital marketing. However, Adams says there was a special opportunity when it came to partnering with Thumbtack — one of the largest martech vendors in the home services space — that couldn’t be passed up.

As part of the partnership, Scorpion constructed new APIs that allow its users to create and manage Thumbtack campaigns and integrate Thumbtack accounts with Scorpion’s advertising and communication technology. Adams says that above all else, the integration equips home service professionals with the capabilities to provide a better customer experience — from finding and scheduling bookings with home professionals, to faster response times, and even understanding the ROI of their digital marketing efforts.

“Any small business owner that is conscious of their advertising investment and that is looking to improve the way they service their customers will benefit from this integration,” Adams says. “Growing small home services that are less-known or in less-busy geographic locations, often solely dependent on online booking and scheduling, will also find immense value.” 

The partnership is mutually beneficial, providing Thumbtack with an opportunity to add-on to its advertising arsenal and deliver new lead channels for its clients.

With so many consumers researching home services businesses online, Adams says advertising investments and online features like easy online booking have never been more important.

“Post-pandemic we are seeing all small businesses struggle with navigating uncertain economic conditions and all-time lows for hiring. They are also trying to recover economically. As consumers spend more time online to research [and] book services needs, digital advertising channels have become more important than ever,” Adams says. “Ultimately, we want to elevate small home services businesses’ bottom line in what has been a challenging and competitive business climate — to do that, we are helping to improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts and teaming up with companies like Thumbtack to augment customer loyalty and trust.”

Stephanie Miles is a journalist who covers personal finance, technology, and real estate. As Street Fight’s senior editor, she is particularly interested in how local merchants and national brands are utilizing hyperlocal technology to reach consumers. She has written for FHM, the Daily News, Working World, Gawker, Cityfile, and Recessionwire.