Emodo Launches AI-Driven Native Ads for Brands and Publishers

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Emodo, which calls itself an “intelligent exchange” focused on helping both advertisers and publishers, launched an AI-driven native ad offering today called Adapt. The offering will aim to allow advertisers to craft seamless, captivating ads in trusted publisher contexts while helping publishers drive ad revenue without interrupting user experiences.

“Adapt native ads are built via Emodo’s creative rendering engine, which has the ability to layer on various effects including loading, image, text, call-to-actions, layouts and styling to create limitless permutations of an ad unit,” the company said in a release. “Emodo then leverages its artificial intelligence-powered dynamic optimizer to understand the most optimal features and generate captivating designs for publishers and their audiences.”

Keeping up with the Zuckerbergs

Emodo, an Ericsson company, says it hopes to empower advertisers and publishers to capitalize on rich, AI-driven native ads outside walled gardens like Facebook, Instagram, and Snap. Those platforms have historically leveraged their superior technical prowess and massive audiences to offer innovative creative offerings that help advertisers tailor their ads to consumer preferences. With Adapt, Emodo aims to bring that capability to other environments.

Other adtech companies like Constellation have released solutions over the past year intended to help advertisers create personalized, AI-driven content. But the adtech industry’s innovations often hinge on leveraging the data the walled gardens themselves provide at scale. Emodo seems to believe it can help other publishers reproduce the walled gardens’ magic.

Empowering smaller publishers to offer more captivating and personalized ad products would be especially helpful at a time when third-party data is dwindling due to privacy changes. Advertisers are looking for publishers to fill the gaps by supplying audiences and ad products capable of wooing those audiences. With Adapt, publishers may be able to deliver on that promise and make the most of their valuable first-party connections with users.

The same goes for advertisers. With less data floating around, advertisers increasingly need help identifying and connected with audiences to serve them tailored messages. If Emodo can meet that need, it will gain ground with brands.

How multi-location brands in particular can use personalized ads

Multi-location brands might find in personalized AI-driven ads many of the same benefits as those without a physical footprint: higher conversion rates that lead to online sales. But they can also use those conversions to drive shoppers to local landing pages or into stores.

Especially interesting to multi-location and franchise brands may be the ability to use AI-driven ad personalization to tailor ads to shoppers based on location. McDonald’s, for example, might want to use a solution like Adapt not just to reach restaurant goers at scale but to tailor messages to them automatically based on location.

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