Nestle Uses DISQO’s Consumer Data to Fill the Cookie’s Gaps

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With the third-party cookie going away on Chrome (eventually) and mobile identifiers losing scale, marketers are seeking new measurement tools. The customer experience intelligence platform DISQO is stepping in with a new product called Outcomes Lift.

Outcomes Lift leverages survey responses and opt-in consumer behavior tracking to help marketers understand their customers. DISQO is building a name for itself in the privacy-adjusted era of digital marketing by asking consumers for access to their data. That marks a change from past eras when devices like Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers and the third-party cookie largely helped marketers track consumers without their full awareness.

DISQO has 1.5 million active members. It has collected more than 160 million survey responses since its inception, and it records more than 1 billion customer touch points monthly.

Emily Weishaupt, communications insights manager at Nestlé Purina, says Outcomes Lift is enabling Nestlé to fill gaps that will soon be left by the cookie and understand marketing performance and customer behavior across platforms, even in the usually opaque walled gardens.

“Part of the value in Disqo’s solution is the ability to cover walled garden placement and cross-channel measurement, which we couldn’t otherwise cover due to the need of the third-party cookie,” Weishaupt said. “Outcomes lift has allowed us to understand the synergies between stated behaviors or outcomes. How are we building our brand and getting our message across? Does better creative come through? What are different communications doing?”

Marketing performance is difficult to visualize in one place, especially due to silos among popular digital properties. Outcomes Lift largely solves that problem.

“The biggest win is seeing the walled gardens,” Weishaupt said. “We’re so used to a world where those are siloed — breaking down the silos and then replacing some of the walled garden measurement you’re losing with the deprecation of Apple’s mobile identifier.”

DISQO says its data is privacy-safe both because it’s completely opt-in and because insights are aggregated and anonymized.

“We’re sensitive to PII,” said Stephen Jepson, EVP of advertising effectiveness at DISQO. “Everything we give externally is controlled versus exposed.”

Jepson touts DISQO’s comprehensive first-party view into customer behavior as a game-changer.

Change the value exchange with the consumer to … have them share ad exposure and customer journey data with us. It gives us a unique capability with brand and outcome lift. 

“Our model allows us to capture things that traditionally haven’t been measurable in this context, like social. We capture awareness, favorability, and intent and take it further by getting lifts in outcomes — branded search, category search, competitive intelligence. Are you lifting all the boats across your competitive set?” These are some of the questions Outcomes Lift aims to answer and the metrics it provides.

Nestlé is pairing DISQO’s intelligence with some other marketing measurement methodologies and solutions, especially marketing mix modeling, which has been gaining in popularity as the granularity required for multi-touch attribution disappears from the market.

But if Jepson could gain one capability from marketing measurement and customer intelligence technologies, it would, in essence, be the fulfillment of the dream of multi-touch attribution.

“If anyone could cover with full attribution every single channel, be able to capture with 100% confidence every exposure to every single channel, that would be” the pinnacle of marketing measurement tech, Weishaupt said.

Until then, solutions like Outcomes Lift and MMM will do.

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