Shipping Costs and Shortages Disrupt Holiday Shopping

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Much of the recent discussion surrounding product shortages and shipping delays has focused on skyrocketing energy prices, but retail is not immune. It increasingly looks like those Covid-related problems, driven by resurgent demand outstripping anemic supply, will shape the holiday shopping season.

That’s according to a report by shopping rewards app Shopkick, which found that 30% of shoppers are experiencing product shortages and 58% high shopping costs. The real kicker is that 68% say these forces will lead them to reconsider how they shop.

Shopkick surveyed 37,000 US consumers September 22–26. The company learned the following:

  • 40% of consumers have already started holiday shopping, and 58% are doing so in part due to concerns about shortages
  • 51% are adjusting their budgets to account for inflation
  • 59% of consumers are motivated by the convenience of shipping and returns
  • Product availability concerns are top of mind for those shopping in stores (44% of in-store shoppers cite inventory as a reason for patronizing physical establishments)

The Shopkick survey paints a portrait of this year’s holiday shopper as someone who is looking for deals and convenience, cares about inflation and product shortages, and is willing to shop early and in store to get what they need before it runs out.

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