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Street Fight’s August Theme: Doubling Down on Data

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This post is the latest in our “Data’s Next Era” series. It’s our editorial focus for the month of July.

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One of the tactics of running a publication is to balance proactive market coverage with reactive attention to the news cycle. And between the two is a constant process of gauging which way the editorial winds blow. For example, this defines our process of choosing an editorial theme each month. 

When we ask ourselves which way those winds are blowing, the clear answer this month is heightened attention to the evolution of consumer data. That’s right, we’re doubling down on last month’s theme. This happens every once in a while when topics are weighty enough. We did the same mid-pandemic regarding Covid’s impact on local commerce. 

Like last month, our focus on data concerns the dawn of a new era in consumer data collection in marketing. Transformation is afoot as legislative measures (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and private sector moves (Apple’s ATT, Google’s cookie deprecation, etc.) catalyze new norms in data-driven marketing.

Altogether, these factors are upending the unfettered systems of targeting and placement that the ad world has enjoyed for most of the smartphone era. But for a more positive spin, this will also mean that a morphing environment creates opportunity gaps for those who can adapt to it or innovate around it. And that’s what’s dominating Street Fight’s coverage: Insights and innovations from across the martech ecosystem on data privacy, next-gen targeting, and measurement.

Look out for the tag Data’s Next Era.” We’ll label posts so you can discover them or actively browse them. Coverage will include our own daily reporting as well as that of our growing network of columnists and contributors.

Reach out to us with if you’d like to contribute insights or to amplify your brand messaging alongside this thematic coverage. This includes Street Fight’s new Thought Leaders program. Meanwhile, we’ll continue bringing you insights and market coverage on and Street Fight Daily

Stay tuned for much more. 

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