Hot Vax Summer Means It’s Prime Time for DOOH

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The weather is heating up, and more people are getting vaccinated for Covid-19. As people go back to their normal routines of getting outside, traveling, and spending the weekends out and about, it seems we’re heading into a “hot vax summer.”

With consumers set for a summer of supercharged spending, advertisers are looking to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to push their brands in front of people enjoying their newfound freedom out of the house.

Digital Out-of-Home’s Impact During Covid-19

Even during the height of quarantine, a high percentage of shoppers were venturing into the grocery store at least once a week. It was crucial for brands to find a way to be top of mind. This is where DOOH came in. OOH advertising captured 65.6% of customers’ attention during their shopping trips. 87.1% of those consumers observed more OOH advertising than before the coronavirus outbreak.

DOOH allowed brands to adapt while navigating mandate changes. The ability for companies to adjust campaigns at a moment’s notice helped to position them in the spotlight despite consumers being at home. With vaccination numbers continuing to increase, DOOH will only get more relevant as consumers spend more time outside.

Bringing DOOH to Consumers

DOOH advertising goes beyond the traditional posters and billboards and can be found anywhere consumers frequent. As we return to the new normal, consumers are already on the hunt, shopping for both their return to work and for upcoming trips, events, and more frequent time with friends and family. To meet this demand and increase in shopping, brands are starting to increase their ad spend to meet consumers where they spend the most time, whether it’s the gym, mall, airport, gas station, or grocery store.

As the hot vax summer heats up, companies like dating services, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and health and beauty brands can begin pushing their products for date night to singles and couples alike. Understanding their target audience is one of the most important steps for a brand. Whether it’s updating their wardrobe for the summer, buying new shoes for an upcoming trip, or finding a trendy restaurant for dinner, consumers know what they want — and it’s the brand’s job to meet them there. DOOH is a medium that can do just that.

DOOH’s Wider Reach

Top advertisers know that we have to go beyond OOH to fully meet customers where they are. Holistic omnichannel campaigns span digital and physical spaces, allowing advertisers to target and reach a broader range of consumers.

As DOOH has expanded and become fully encompassing, advertisers have continued to enhance the number of touchpoints they have with their consumers. What may begin as seeing a sign can later translate to scrolling past an ad on social media or seeing the product in the grocery store. Because of its omnichannel capabilities across retailer performance platforms and with social influencers, OOH offers capabilities to drive conversations around products and conversions.

DOOH is giving power back to brands who can now tweak their campaigns based on the data and insights it provides, allowing them to narrow in on the audience and messaging they are aiming for.

Norm Chait is Director of Out-of-Home Product and Sales at Ubimo, a Quotient Brand.