What Is Person-Based Advertising?

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Account-based marketing promised to take marketing to a new level of granularity. Instead of targeting entire companies, marketers would be able to connect with the specific accounts within enterprises that could lead to conversions.

But Influ2 reckons that ABM doesn’t offer B2B marketers enough granularity. As a result, it is pioneering person-based advertising in the B2B space, bringing the personalization of consumer marketing to the B2B setting.

Influ2 CEO and co-founder Dmitri Lisitski explained the approach to Street Fight.

What is person-based advertising? 

Person-based advertising gives a new look to the customer journey by allowing advertisers to reach target customers and build an ongoing relationship that resonates at a deeper, more personal level. 

The existing account-based marketing (ABM) approach targets massive amounts of people within a company with disruptive, irrelevant ads that get lost and fail to produce any true leads or sales. 

Person-based advertising revolutionizes the traditional ABM process by helping to connect with key decision makers within a company rather than large accounts. By adopting this approach, marketers know exactly who they’re connecting with and what type of content is working best for that person.

How does person-based advertising apply to B2B and B2C marketing? 

The challenge of who exactly needs to be targeted is something that B2B and B2C marketers continuously face. With traditional B2B and B2C marketing practices, ads are not delivered to appropriate and engaged audiences, guaranteeing that content will get overlooked and ignored. 

Person-based advertising drives engagement, sales and action from the target customer. It allows marketers to put forth engaging content that they already know a target customer will be interested in at a time when they’re open to receiving the ad. This method finds the most relevant targets and opens a communication channel to truly connect with the person marketers are aiming for. 

Old ABM strategies simply aren’t cutting it anymore. B2B and B2C marketers are wasting time by throwing advertisements into the abyss. The person-based tactic pushes ads to the right people at the right time while fostering stronger connections and thus, better sales, leads, and engagement. 

How does it relate to upcoming privacy changes by the likes of Google, Apple, and of course state governments? 

Cookies were created to provide better personalization, but instead, they’ve caused repetitive, retargeted ads and an inferior digital experience as a result. And while privacy changes are no doubt disrupting digital advertising, they present an opportunity for advertisers specifically focused in the B2B space. 

Richer, first-party data can allow companies to move from a device-driven approach with their marketing and communications to an individually driven integrated marketing approach. This individually driven approach opens up the door for a digital marketing strategy founded on personalization through person-based advertising, which was developed for a cookie-less world. 

Person-based advertising is a privacy-first strategy that aims to provide a better ad experience for consumers. As marketers and advertisers continue to prepare for a cookie-less future, they should look to embrace a person-based approach to thrive in the new environment. It’s the future of digital advertising and marketing in a privacy-centered world. 

Is person-based advertising dependent on a large store of first-party data that many advertisers lack?

We used to rely on first-party data and ownership where organizations had to provide the names of who they wanted to target, but most users didn’t have this type of data. Now, we offer an ideal customer profile builder, so there isn’t a need to rely on first-party data because all that’s needed is to provide the matching information to target the right people.  

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