Valentine’s Day Boosts Entertainment, Food, and Social Apps

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Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Valentine’s Day is not just a victory for supermarkets, florists, and romantic partners who plan ahead. It’s also a boon to mobile apps, according to data collected by mobile marketing firm Adjust on consumer mobile habits in February 2019.

The data shows that Valentine’s Day marks a major uptick in app usage across verticals. Compared to an average February day last year, on Valentine’s Day, entertainment app usage was up 24%, food and drink apps 20%, and social 16%. Consumers also spent an unusual amount of time on transport (7%) and gaming (6%) apps.

The percentage is based on the number of sessions mobile users registered in each kind of app.

While restaurants should expect an uptick in patronage on Valentine’s Day itself, mobile retail purchases actually surge earlier in the month, likely in accordance with holiday shopping conducted early. February 3 marked the peak of app sessions and in-app purchases.

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