Letter From the Editor: Local is Everything

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“Local” means many things. Street Fight’s coverage of the local media, marketing, and commerce sectors likewise continues to be a moving target. It used to be all about local business marketing. But we’ve broadened the focus to more aspects of local business — everything from marketing and advertising to operations and logistics.

Last month, for example, we zeroed in on the theme of retail transformation. One key component of local commerce is offline brick-and-mortar shopping. After all, about 90% of all U.S. retail spending is completed offline in physical stores.

This month, we extend that discussion with a focus on the connected car. As companies like Tesla continue to innovate the digital experiences in our cars, they’re becoming the ultimate “mobile device.” This will have implications for local media companies and brands that have a local presence. Could the in-car experience be the next battleground in the attention economy?

This could include the car you own or the increasing time we all spend in the back seat of an Uber. That captive in-ride time continues to be a sleeping giant for local search, discovery, and influence. Elsewhere, Apple is working on better navigation, and Tesla is bringing us more in-car content, such as Netflix. Local discovery could be a logical next step for the auto trendsetter.

Elsewhere in Street Fight happenings, last week we closed the application period for the Innovator Awards. The next step is to work with our panel of judges to choose the winners. The awards will be a central part of Street Fight’s plan to continue being an authority on innovation and transformation in the location-based media and advertising worlds.

Stay tuned for more on the awards, the August focus on the automobile, and other daily Street Fight coverage of all things local. Reach out to me with any ideas or opportunities about how you’d like to be part of Street Fight’s action. We have developing sponsorship opportunities, event-based activity, opportunities to contribute articles and to be a guest on our podcast Heard on the Street.

We hope to hear from you.