Texting Allows Marketers to Reach Customers Where They Spend the Most Time

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Seventy-six percent of consumers are already receiving texts from businesses, and a majority of consumers across all age groups would prefer that more businesses take up texting as a mode of communication, a new report from business text messaging platform Zipwhip indicates.

A whopping 83% of Gen-Z respondents and 82% of millennials said they “wish more businesses” would use texting. Even for older generations, that number made up a more than slight majority, including 76% of Gen-Xers and 64% of Baby Boomers.

The benefits of texting compared to other messaging channels are obvious. We simply check our texts more frequently and leave fewer unread. The report states that 74% of consumers leave zero texts unread, while only 17% said the same of email.

But won’t texts, which consumers may identify as their most private communication channel, annoy consumers and leave them feeling like their privacy has been invaded? They very well might. That’s why the report identifies a number of precautions as businesses look to integrate texting into their messaging strategies.

The top do-nots include: texting prospects who do not already have a relationship to the business, promoting products or services without permission, and adding promotional language to conversations in which it’s not relevant.

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