OOH Emerges as Strong Digital Channel for CPGs

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Consumer-packaged goods shoppers trust out-of-home advertisements more than those delivered on any other channel, a new report on CPGs and advertising from Vistar Media and MFour indicates. Fifty-three percent of consumers say they trust the content in OOH ads, more than any other single medium.

That’s extra important for CPG advertisers and retailers purveying those products because 91% of consumers say they prefer to buy CPGs in-store. Nearly all the consumers surveyed in the report say they have noticed digital ads on screens outside the home.

Digital out-of-home ads, or DOOH, combine the tracking and targeting capabilities of the digital marketing industry with the attention-grabbing format of the billboards and signs that have been an advertising cornerstone for decades.

As for what compels consumer to travel down the funnel from awareness to purchase, when it comes to CPGs, quality and price are the names of the game. Affordability and quality were the most frequently cited factors, both exceeding 70% of those surveyed.

Millennials bucked that trend, identifying whether a brand fits their personal style as the most important factor in CPG purchases.

Although marketers widely recognize increased consumer attention to brands’ values and social responsibility, those trends do not appear front and center for consumers buying plastic cups and razors. Just 20% said social responsibility matters for CPG purchases.

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