Government Regulation Is Marketers’ Most Common Concern About Data-Driven Initiatives

Changing political headwinds and increased media attention on data collection and privacy are apparently rattling marketers, who named government regulation as an obstacle to data-driven campaigns more than any other single factor. That’s per a survey of U.S. marketers by Winterberry Group and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, eMarketer reported.

Other challenges top of mind for the marketers surveyed included siloed organizational structures that could hinder data sharing, difficulty in proving ROI for data-driven efforts, and a lack of experience among staff.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau itself came under fire just last week, as Johnny Ryan, chief policy and industry officer at privacy-first browser Brave, filed a complaint with the Irish Data Commission against IAB Europe’s cookie wall.

Privacy has dominated the digital marketing conversation in 2019, as the European Union’s GDPR continues to challenge firms active in Europe and the United States’ own major privacy law, California’s CCPA, approaches implementation in January 2020.

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