Google Testing Restaurant Booking, Foreshadowing Ever Tighter Grip on Local Commerce

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Google is testing at least two buttons for on-SERP restaurant booking, Search Engine Land reported this week. The buttons, called Tables Tomorrow and Reserve a Table, allow searchers to see a number of potential times for a following-day reservation and to select one of those times right on Search Engine Results Pages, avoiding a trip to the local business’ website.

Right now, this development in the Google local-booking saga looks like it may even be an error, as the two buttons appear redundant. But the news suggests that local-commerce options like Reserve with Google will get sleeker in the years to come.

The news also calls to mind a crucial local-search debate: Will Google SERPs and the many options for engagement with local brick-and-mortars on them effectively supplant the local business website as the crucial interface for interacting with customers?

David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal outlined this change in a Street Fight column last year, explaining why Google is becoming the new homepage for local businesses. Their colleague Miriam Ellis at Moz pointed out last week that 64% of local business marketers surveyed by her company believe Mihm and Blumenthal are correct in that assessment.

Tracing Google’s emergence as a competitor to local websites, Ellis argues nonetheless that websites remain essential for local business, underlining specifically that high organic rank is strongly correlated to high local pack rankings.

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