Street Fight Daily: GDPR Challenges Smaller Ad Tech Firms; More Detailed Sitelinks in Google Search?

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GDPR Has Cut Down Ad Trackers in Europe but Helped Google (TechCrunch)
An analysis of the impact of Europe’s new data protection framework, GDPR, on the adtech industry suggests the regulation has reduced the numbers of ad trackers that websites are hooking into EU visitors. But it also implies that GDPR may have increased Google’s market share.

The Rise of the Micro-Influencer and How Brands Can Deploy Them (Street Fight)
Natasha Ponomaroff: Today, many brands are choosing to work with influencers with a significantly smaller follower count: micro-influencers. Read on for tips on how to tap micro-influencers for your next marketing campaign.

New Format for Google Sitelinks Shows More Site Content in SERP (Search Engine Land)
Instead of showing normal Sitelinks, which are in the screen shot above on the left, you are in this new display presented with more detail Sitelinks, which are shown in the screen shot on the right.

LBMA Podcast: Facebook’s Friends, TGI Fridays, Kroger & Walgreens (Street Fight)
On this week’s edition of the LBMA podcast: Facebook’s nearby friends, Lime in Canada, Pinterest + Oracle & Ninth Decimal, TGI Fridays, Kroger + Walgreens, Ford + JC Decaux. Special Guest: Jigar Shah – Miles.

How Marketo Added $3 Billion in 2 Years and What It Says About B2B Marketing Valuations (AdExchanger)
Private equity investors have shown they have “the dry powder and the patience” to take subscription-based marketing technology companies off the market and resell them at strategic premiums, said Elgin Thompson, managing partner of Digital Capital Advisors.

How the Washington Post’s User Lab Balances Advertiser and Subscriber Demands (Digiday)
As part of its big subscription push, The Washington Post is trying to make sure people don’t run into anything that might keep them from subscribing — including their ads.

Email the Third Most Urgent Channel on Smartphones (MediaPost)
Note to email marketers and anyone who sends emails in general: It’s better to send a text if it’s urgent. That’s one of the findings of Smartphone Etiquette, a study by KDM Engineering.

The Key to Autonomous Driving? An Impossibly Perfect Map (WSJ)
To achieve the dream of autonomous vehicles and robots, it’s going to take much more than computer vision and artificial intelligence. Cars, drones, delivery bots, even our vacuum cleaners and robot chefs are going to need something that our ancestors developed millions of years ago: a sense of place.

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