TripAdvisor Debuts API with MomentFeed Partnership, Helping Brands Reach Hungry Travelers

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A new partnership between TripAdvisor and MomentFeed is making it possible for the customer experience management platform’s restaurant clients to manage TripAdvisor’s sponsored advertising product via the MomentFeed platform.

Through its new API program, TripAdvisor is allowing MomentFeed to sell its sponsored advertising product, TripAdvisor Ads, to multi-location restaurant brands. Those brands will then be able to monitor and manage the ad product from within MomentFeed’s platform.

Although the API will eventually be available to resellers and agencies worldwide, TripAdvisor’s Tara Lieberman says MomentFeed became the first company to join the program thanks to an existing relationship between the two firms. MomentFeed is one of a number of vendors allowing its hospitality clients to monitor and respond to TripAdvisor reviews within its online reputation management platform. In addition to that, Lieberman says MomentFeed’s leadership in the field of mobile customer experience management makes it a great first partner for the new API program.

“Restaurant owners will benefit from simplified group purchasing for multi-location businesses, more flexible pricing options for TripAdvisor Ads, and the ability for them to manage their TripAdvisor Ads subscription via a third-party,” Lieberman says.

When TripAdvisor Ads was launched last October, the product was pitched as giving independent restaurants and larger restaurant groups the opportunity to use sponsored placements to drive traffic to their TripAdvisor listings. This new API gives TripAdvisor the opportunity to scale its Ads product with wider distribution for its restaurant marketing solutions.

But the API is about more than just scaling. By opening its program up to resellers, agencies, and partners like MomentFeed, Lieberman says TripAdvisor is hoping to make it easier for restaurants to manage their marketing spend and drive more people to their TripAdvisor listings. The API should simplify group purchasing for restaurant groups with multiple locations, in particular, while also creating the opportunity for more flexible pricing options for TripAdvisor Premium and TripAdvisor Ads. TripAdvisor Ads subscriptions can now be managed by third parties, too.

One recent survey of restaurant owners, conducted by TripAdvisor, found that the top three channels where U.S. restaurateurs invest their marketing dollars are social media, print advertising, and online listing services. Despite the number of opportunities available for marketing a restaurant today, 85% of U.S. restaurateurs said they believe they should be doing more to promote their businesses. Globally, that figure was 71%.

TripAdvisor says its Ads product is helping independent and multi-location restaurants reach more than 200 million dinners searching for places to eat on the TripAdvisor website each month, with the opportunity to specifically target “high-intent diners” who are actively searching for restaurants in specific locations.

“The API program enables us to scale how we offer our restaurant marketing solutions—TripAdvisor Premium and TripAdvisor Ads,” Lieberman says. “Our goal is to collaborate with as many resellers and agencies as possible on providing these easy-to-use tools to their clients.”

Stephanie Miles is a senior editor at Street Fight.

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