Street Fight Daily: Amazon’s Push into SMB Territory; Ad Tech Growing Half as Fast as Mar Tech

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Amazon Furthers Embrace of SMBs with Storefronts (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: What Amazon has done is create a channel for the entrepreneurial impulse of small business owners that would appear to sidestep local commerce completely. But has local really been removed from the equation?

Ad Tech Now Expanding at Half Rate of Mar Tech (MediaPost)
Utilizing employee count data reported by LinkedIn, Pivotal Research Group’s Brian Wieser tracked the leading publicly traded and private companies and found both the broader category of marketing technology, as well as pure-play ad technology firms, have dramatically slowed their rate of expansion over the past five quarters.

How Restaurants Are Using Big Data to Boost Loyalty and Stay Competitive (WSJ)
Sweetgreen wants to win its customers’ loyalty by getting to know a lot more about them. The Culver City-based salad chain believes using a mobile app to gather data on guests’ allergies and tastes will allow it to suggest dishes that regulars at its 88 restaurants are sure to love.

How Dallas Morning News Tunes Its Ear to Connect With Its Diverse Audiences (Street Fight)
“I’m not saying that an audience-first culture didn’t exist at the newspaper, say, 75 years ago. But how do we reach today’s audience? It’s not enough to put all the news that we decided is important on the front page and expect everyone to read that as part of their shared experience,” says Nicole Stockdale, director of digital strategy at the Dallas Morning News.

IronSource Has a Tool to Help Developers Determine Ad Revenue at User Level (AdExchanger)
Without a way to calculate ad revenue per user, optimization is just an educated guessing game. “I wouldn’t call it a complete blind spot, but the process is definitely not as efficient as it could be,” said Jeff Gurian, VP of marketing and ad monetization at Kongregate.

Foursquare CEO on Location Data Strategy (CNBC)
In this video, Jeff Glueck, Foursquare CEO, discusses the tech company’s latest funding round, how it is growing its location technology enterprise services and the concerns over location data privacy.

Redesigned Google Assistant Easier on Eyes and Fingers (Verge)
Google Assistant is getting a redesign that better integrates touch into the user experience built around voice. Asking Google to dim your smart lights, for example, will now generate a slider so you can fine-tune the result.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook to Log In to Other Sites (NYT)
Farhad Manjoo: It’s the most reasonable way to respond to Facebook’s announcement last week that a security breach allowed hackers to infiltrate the accounts of at least 50 million users, and possibly tens of millions more.

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