Street Fight Daily: Apple Dances On While Rivals Flail, Smart Checkout Industry Will Boom

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How Apple Thrived in a Season of Tech Scandals (NYT)
The critics’ worry for Apple is understandable, even if their repeated wrongness is a little hilarious. Apple’s two-decade ascent from a near-bankrupt has-been of the personal computer era into the first trillion-dollar corporation has defied every apparent rule in tech.

Dstillery and CultureWaves Partner on Observed Behavior-Based Marketing (Street Fight)
CultureWaves has partnered with Dstillery to launch VOICE, a product that offers behavior-based segmentation for marketers. The new tool will allow marketers to overlay behavioral analysis on mobile device data in order to dig into the reasons for customer behavior.

Smart Checkout Tech Projected to Hit $45 Billion (MediaPost)
Amazon and other retailers have been converting the model of how shoppers get out of stores by using various payment methods, all intended to bypass cashiers and checkout lines. Now there’s some research indicating that this transition will be significant.

Success of Digital Subscriptions Depends on Reader-Focused Newsrooms, Expert Says (Street Fight)
“News organizations need to be laser-focused on creating distinctive, unique, valuable content for their readers. And that means they may have to stop doing some things they are doing today,” said reader revenue expert Matt Skibinski.

Google Beefs Up Campaign Metrics and MRC Accreditations (AdExchanger)
Google added more ways for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns Wednesday, and it got the MRC’s approval in categories such as viewability and impression measurement on YouTube and its buying platform, Google Display & Video 360.

Amazon, AT&T, Google Urge Congress to Pass Moderate Privacy Bill (USA Today)
Major companies including Amazon, AT&T, Apple and Google are lobbying Congress to craft legislation that would preempt a first-of-its-kind California privacy law that grants sweeping online protections to consumers.

Facebook Is Dominating the Stories Format (Verge)
Facebook released updated daily active user counts for stories on Facebook and Messenger today, and the news isn’t great for Snapchat. The company said at an event in New York City today that it now has a combined 300 million daily users across the two services.

Instagram By the Numbers (WSJ)
4 A.M. “Well there goes that night of sleep,” tweets Systrom, pulling an all-nighter on the eve of Instagram’s launch on October 6, 2010. 150 million: Photos uploaded by the summer of 2011. $1 billion: Price paid by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to acquire Instagram in 2012.

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