Placed Expands Attribution Solution to Measure TV-Driven Offline Visits

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The Placed for TV preview will allow anyone with an account to access three weeks of data for free, from June 13-29.


Placed launched television measurement as part of its ad exposure and attribution measuring services today, expanding its omni-channel attribution technologies to the full suite of advertising landscapes.

Placed will partner with Inscape and Kantar to access televisions in eight million households and measure ad content and exposure. Placed will then implement its own digital and location-based technologies to measure how that television ad exposure affects store visits, said CEO David Shim.

Inscape will use automatic content recognition technology to identify the commercials running when a television is in use, while Kantar provides the creative data behind the ads. “One gives us the data around viewership, the other gives us the data around the ad, and when we combine those two things together, we get the best-of-class solution to measure TV ad exposure,” Shim said.

Placed chose to pursue and launch television measurement because “the market was asking us to do it,” Shim said. He went on to explain that Placed “had seen great traction and market share success when it comes to digital to in-store. We expanded that two years go to out of home,” and then, “our clients said, ‘Hey, we want you to measure television.’”

Clients want to move their money in order to maximize the efficiency of campaigns to drive in-store traffic, he added.

With a free account, anyone will be able to access the Placed for TV data during a three-week, free preview period, scheduled to take place from June 13 until June 29. The data will include measurements of more than 100 brands across more than 340 campaigns on more than 100 networks, Shim said.

The website is intended to make the data easily understandable and actionable for advertisers.


Placed decided to offer the free period to allow consumers to see that the service “is actionable” and in order to “eliminate a friction point around education” as to the value of Placed for TV, Shim said.

Alongside the free preview, Placed has released a series of benchmarks for the first quarter to allow users to gauge performance, Shim said. The benchmarks were calculated using Quarter 1 data from more than 100 different advertisers on more than 300 campaigns.

The benchmarks indicate that in the first quarter, only 35% of television ad campaigns drove incremental visitation, Shim said. This number indicates opportunity and room for optimization, as advertisers have not optimized their television ad spend up to this point, he added.