Raise Report: Drawbridge, DoorDash, Karma Lock Down New Funding

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Every two or three weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

Aug 15: Karma Locks Down $12 Million for Hyperlocal Restaurant Marketplace
Karma is a platform that connects food vendors with hungry locals who want food that’s about to spoil at a discount. Kinnevik led the Series A round, which also saw investment from Bessemer Venture Partners, VentureBeat reported. Karma will expand internationally and boost its headcount by about 70.

Aug 16: DoorDash Raises Another $250 Million, As Valuation Climbs to $4 Billion
Coatue Management and DST Global led the round, Bloomberg reported. DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery platform, one of the most successful in a notoriously crowded space. The company is likely raising money to stay competitive in a space receiving attention from giants such as Uber and, in grocery (for now), Amazon.

Aug 20: Drawbridge Rakes In $15 Million to Provide Customer Intelligence in Age of GDPR
Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, and Northgate participated in the round, AdExchanger reported. Drawbridge has been navigating new and unsettling territory of late, as regulators abroad and at home crack down on companies that have made millions in the business of consumer data. With that in mind, Drawbridge is using the latest funding to explore new or previously under-explored verticals other than advertising such as analytics and risk detection, AdExchanger explains.

Aug 21: PebblePost Scores $25 Million to Bring Programmatic to Direct Mail
Advance Venture Partners led the Series C round, AdExchanger reported. If you’re wondering what programmatic could have to do with direct mail, what PebblePost does is connect brands to customers with meaningful mail, based on customers’ online activity and intent data, publicity coordinator Elisabeth McFarland wrote to Street Fight. PebblePost is investing in potential attribution solutions as well as programmatic partnerships.

Aug 22: Simple Feast Snaps Up $12 Million for Vegetarian Meal Delivery
Balderton Capital led the Series A round, TechCrunch reported. It’s hard to believe meal delivery companies are still bagging VC money, but Simple Feast offers the not-so-niche market of healthy, plant-based food in biodegradable boxes. 

Aug 22: Nylas Secures $16 Million to Help Developers Harness Email
Spark Capital led the Series B round, TechCrunch reported. Nylas’ API allows developers without expertise in the field leverage the massive amounts of data tied to email addresses to power app experiences. Nylas is looking to double its staff and expand its client base.

Aug 23: Carmera Snags $20 Million to Provide Street-Level Intelligence for Self-Driving Cars
GV led the round, VentureBeat reported. Carmera provides tech that provides autonomous cars with real-time information about changes to navigational routes. That means it can help your self-driving car adapt to temporary but calendar-killing obstructions like roadwork. Carmera is seeking partnerships to strengthen its offerings.

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