Drift Releases New Tech to Help B2B Marketers Convert Site Visitors Into Leads

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It’s 2018, and if visitors to your site are slapped with forms that need to be filled out manually, those visitors are going to take their business elsewhere.

That’s the state of affairs that conversational marketing and sales platform Drift is addressing this week with its new technology, Drift Intel. Crafted for an age in which millennials are taking over the reins at businesses around the world, Drift Intel allows B2B marketers to reel in digital visitors by removing the pain points presented by conventional forms.

The Drift platform’s new feature, established in collaboration with Clearbit, generates a company profile automatically for each visitor, allowing the platform to connect site visitors with the ideal salesperson at the company they’re checking out. The profile also allows for targeted real-time messaging. The end result is a more efficient and personalized experience for every lead, optimally turning as many visitors as possible into clients.

“When we first eliminated forms and called on other companies to do the same, the loudest question we heard was, ‘How will we get the information we need as a business to market and sell to that person?’” said David Cancel, Founder & CEO of Drift, according to a press release.

“Our goal with Drift Intel was to answer that question and give our customers the tools they need to create an amazing experience for buyers, remove friction, and continue on our mission to make it easy for businesses to buy from businesses,” Cancel added.

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