Street Fight Daily: Brands Shift Digital Spend to Local, The Enduring Benefits of Mobile Apps

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Survey: Multi-Location Brands Continue to Shift Digital Budgets to Local (Street Fight)
David Card: Many multi-location brands still find some traditional media more effective than most digital tactics and focus their digital efforts on the corporate e-commerce site or company branding. But an aggressive group of budget shifters are increasing spending across a variety of digital advertising and marketing vehicles, often with a local focus.

The Enduring Benefits of Mobile Apps for Brands (Street Fight)
John Coombs: Thanks to a variety of factors including speed, user experience,  personalized messaging, reliable security, and fully customizable content, native apps increase your customers’ connection with your brand, driving more engagement and conversion than a mobile web product ever would.

Top 10 Programmatic Publishers of 2018 (AdExchanger)
As programmatic grows, what it means to be a top programmatic publisher has changed. Buyers value programmatic inventory as well as the complementary tech, data, creativity and service. And trust is paramount.

Consumers Face New Ways to Pay for Things (MediaPost)
Despite being available for years, mobile payments have yet to become the favored way to pay, with about a quarter of U.S. smartphone users using a mobile phone to pay for something at a physical point of sale at least once every six months this year, according to eMarketer.


Reuters Redesigns App to Focus on Total Time Spent (Digiday)
Reuters is taking a less-is-more approach to its newly designed news app. Users can now customize their feed by up to 5,000 different topics, including countries, markets and people. 

WPP Veteran Mark Read Emerges as Most Likely Sorrell Successor as CEO (WSJ)
WPP PLC executive Mark Read has emerged as the leading contender to become chief executive of the advertising giant, according to people familiar with the matter, following the departure of founder Martin Sorrell.

Cheetah Digital Acquires Stellar Loyalty (Street Fight)
The acquisition combines a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools from Cheetah Digital with the loyalty expertise and huge repository of data commanded by Stellar, according to the release, allowing the pair to provide brands with a more powerful, all-in-one B2C marketing platform.


Apple’s Services Biz Could Make it a Trillion-Dollar Baby (Fast Company)
Apple will announce its earnings for the second quarter tomorrow, and many investors will be looking for strong growth in the company’s services business, which includes Apple Music, iCloud, and Apple Pay.

Facebook’s Stock Plunge Shatters Faith in Tech Companies’ Invincibility (NYT)
It had become an article of faith: Quarter after quarter, year after year, the world’s biggest technology companies would keep raking in new users and ever-higher revenue. And with that, their share prices would continue to march upward, sloughing off any stumbles. This week, that myth was shattered.

You Can No Longer See Major Movies Using MoviePass (Quartz)
The movie-ticket subscription service, which is barely keeping its business—and company stock price—afloat, will block members from using the service to see major upcoming releases, including Disney’s Christopher Robin film and the Jason Statham-starring shark thriller The Meg.

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