Street Fight Daily: Mobile Coupons On Verge of Overtaking Paper, Smart Speakers Capture Media’s Attention

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Mobile Coupons Are About to Overtake Paper—Here’s How Retailers Can Capitalize on That (Street Fight)
Dan Slavin: When participants in CodeBroker’s 2018 Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report were asked just how quickly they would likely redeem a coupon they received via text message, 25% said they would use it within three days. That number grew to 60% when they were asked if they would use it within a week.

For News Publishers, Smart Speakers Are the Hot New Platform (Digiday)
Home voice assistants or smart speakers are still in their infancy as a consumer and revenue proposition, but publishers are stepping up their efforts to hire and create content for them anyway, seeing the rapid adoption rate of Amazon Echo, Google Home and their kin and the the fact that people are using them more over time.

Ohio Car Dealership Sees Early Success with Location-Targeted Mobile Ads (Street Fight)
Years of ingrained assumptions about the way cars are marketed and sold have made the automotive industry a challenge for hyperlocal vendors. But at Kia of Bedford, Director of Operations David Gruhin is finding unexpected success with location-based marketing tactics.

Yelp Could Be Worth Billions More Than Its Valuation (Seeking Alpha)
Matt Hylland: Yelp currently has higher revenue per Monthly Active User (MAU) than Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat did when they had similar traffic. Yelp’s business page upgrades also allow for extra revenue that Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat cannot capture.

Be Wary of Ad Tech Stories That Are Too Good to Be True (MediaPost)
Dave Morgan: While companies in the advertising, marketing and media worlds are entitled to a certain degree of boosterism, the claims for technology solutions often reflected in the press are sometimes a bit extreme. Here’s what I try to keep in mind as I review what seem to be inflated claims.


Walmart’s New Microsoft Deal Was The Biggest News in Retail Last Week (Forbes)
Chris Walton: Walmart smartly realizes that it cannot lie dormant while Amazon and Alibaba chase this Holy Grail, which is why the announcement of its partnership with Microsoft this week was so important.

Internal Documents Show How Amazon Scrambled to Rectify Prime Day Errors (CNBC)
Amazon wasn’t able to handle the traffic surge and failed to secure enough servers to meet the demand on Prime Day, according to expert review of internal documents obtained by CNBC. That led to a cascading series of failures.


Merkle’s David Williams On Using Identity in a Post-GDPR World (AdExchanger)
“We’re going to take a half-step back and slowly start to take more steps forward again as everybody gets more comfortable,” Williams said. “The customer needs to be at the center of the conversation, and in order to put them there, we need information about them.”

Four Strategies to Use When Marketing to Millennials (Entrepreneur)
Consumer stereotypes would have you believe that millennials are cheap, fickle customers who only make purchases online. If your goal is to market to them, you’re better off not buying into these myths.

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