Uberall Upgrades Location Services to Account for Booming Mobile Search

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Location-based digital marketing firm Uberall is launching newly optimized and updated location and webpage services for its brick-and-mortar clients.

Uberall, which serves companies such as Domino’s and Intercontinental Hotels, pursued the improvements to amplify the searchability of its clients for mobile, “near me” queries in particular. “Pages will load faster, appear more often, have more content, and be more customized,” said Josha Benner, co-founder of Uberall.

The update aims to boost search engine optimization for Uberall’s multi-location consumer-facing clients in order to drive in-store foot traffic. It comes at a time when mobile “near me” searches hit unprecedented heights and continue to grow.

The product announcement comes in the wake of Uberall’s most recent round of venture capital investment, a $25 million series B led by HPE Growth Capital.

Uberall’s Locator tool provides an interactive map on which all of a brand’s in-store locations are visible. With the Pages feature, multi-location businesses can swiftly create customized store landing pages for each of their locations. The Locator will easily integrate into website domains and be customizable, allowing the Uberall user to “make it truly consumer-centric,” Benner said.

While Uberall Pages already allowed for customized operating hours and information based on an individual store’s location, the update will enable enterprise businesses to include events and custom product offerings alongside more standard information.

“There’s even more rich content on those pages now. So we’re able, for example, to have a call-to-action button for appointment booking or reservations on the pages, which means we can help businesses secure revenue from customers already on the website,” Benner said.

In addition, each company page will be indexed in Google search, ensuring that the individual pages will appear in local search results. 

The improvements should reduce friction for consumers, keeping them happy and ideally generating return visits for businesses that leverage Uberall’s resources.

Locator and Pages will be integrated into Uberall’s Location Marketing cloud. “The impact … will be huge because all of our customers get these enhancements and free upgrades,” Benner said. By integrating this information into the marketing cloud, Uberall users can be sure that their information is uniform across all digital channels.

Uberall will be “better, more seamless, and more efficient for everyone,” the co-founder added.

With its Series B, Uberall intends to invest in growth in the US market, prioritizing both talent and technology, Benner said.

“We are ready to provide services on all aspects of marketing… (and) always with location in mind,” Benner said, adding, “our mission is to further enhance all of those aspects.”