Sponsored Content: dataPlor on Breaking the Local Business Data Barrier in Emerging Markets

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Businesses in the twenty-first century still struggle with a major gap in access to local data in emerging markets. Meet dataPlor, the data intelligence startup tackling the problem head on.

In emerging markets, clean, reliable local business data is almost impossible to find. And yet, these markets represent the world’s fastest growing economic buying centers. According to Gartner Research, 40-60% of revenue growth will come from emerging markets in the next decade.    

The void of reliable data on emerging-market small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is a barrier to entry for businesses. Los Angeles-based data intelligence company dataPlor is on a mission to bring global point-of-interest data and insights to the forefront with an innovative approach that brings new levels of volume and accuracy to the firm’s clients.

Creating a New Data Category

Only 12% of locally owned emerging market businesses have any online presence, making it impossible for potential clients and business partners to find them. For businesses looking at growth opportunities in developing countries, relying on incomplete data sets can yield obvious negative outcomes.

dataPlor is leading the effort to bridge this information gap by building premium data sets through a network of localized, mobile workforces—and it’s working. For example, in a recent test of SME data in Brazil, dataPlor’s data sample outpaced Google 2:1 and Yelp roughly 9:1.

High-quality listings in major categories, provided by dataPlor’s mobile workforce, do not appear on Google or Yelp.

dataPlor sources data first-hand from highly trained local contributors called Explorers. Thousands of these data gatherers use dataPlor technology on their smartphones to collect photos, location information, and custom insights on off-the-grid SMEs.

As longtime Infogroup Chief Data Officer and dataPlor advisor Matt Graves puts it, “dataPlor delivers a data set that is truly a digital representation of the physical world.” He continues, “By using local on-demand data sourcing, they are putting these small businesses on the map for the first time and creating a new data category desperately needed in the market.”

Boots-on-the-ground data sourcing yields substantial benefits. New data records are collected in real time, with photo evidence, and pass through technology-driven quality checks. The result is unprecedented accuracy, immediacy, and relevance in emerging market data.

Real-World Applications

Whether it’s data verification and augmentation, new data acquisition, or market research, companies can customize the scope and scale of their data needs. Imagine the power of having access to data not previously available anywhere. Below are examples illustrating recently supported business initiatives.

Improved Customer Experience in the Mapping Industry: Data Verification & Augmentation

In a high-impact data verification project, a large mapping company required first-hand verification of location data for Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations in Mexico City to ensure accuracy for its customers. The company leveraged dataPlor to verify global point-of-interest locations and record net-new charging stations. dataPlor grew the client’s location count by 8% and delivered foolproof coordinates for charging stations (full case study here).

Efficient Prospect Qualification in Financial Services: Data Acquisition

A payment processing company needed to assess the market for SMEs in Mexico City that were not accepting certain brands of credit cards. dataPlor Explorers traveled in person to relevant businesses, collecting store and contact information for shops that did not have credit card processors, resulting in highly qualified leads. 

Data-Driven Merchandising and Pricing Decisions in the CPG Industry: Market Research

Explorers were tasked with gathering pricing and display information for two-liter Pepsi and Coca-Cola products in Mexican and Brazilian small groceries and markets. dataPlor was able to produce a snapshot of hyperlocal economic insights and visual proofing of in-store placement (full case study here).

Increased Sales Productivity in Professional Services: Data Acquisition

A marketing agency specializing in local search was seeking a way to connect with small businesses in Nigeria that were not yet online. dataPlor provided merchant information and industry information based on the agency’s current client base. The agency was able to test first with salons and med-spas, its most successful vertical in the USA.

Currently, dataPlor’s global team focuses on high-growth emerging markets in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. As emerging market expansion becomes increasingly necessary, the applications for an on-demand mobile workforce continue to evolve and expand. From simple verification to custom market research, dataPlor ensures emerging business decisions are driven from the highest quality information.

Contact us to learn more about how dataPlor could support your emerging market strategy.

Geoffrey Michener is a serial entrepreneur and founder & CEO of dataPlor. He writes Street Fight’s Movers and Shakers column.