Sponsored Content: dataPlor on Breaking the Local Business Data Barrier in Emerging Markets

Businesses in the twenty-first century still struggle with a major gap in access to local data in emerging markets. Meet dataPlor, the data intelligence startup tackling the problem head on.

Cost-Per-Visit and Bad Location Data: Are You Really Getting What You Pay For?

CPV is generating a welcome dialogue in the ad industry as it wrestles with questions such as how to value repeat customer visits and how much is a visit worth. Key to answering all these questions, though, is clearly understanding the accuracy of the underlying location data being used to score the visit.

So Long Local Search — Hello Machine-Directed Discovery

Whatever you thought you knew about getting your business found online and on mobile, or whatever you are currently learning, is already obsolete. The way consumers interact with search technology today is on its way out. Why? Autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and voice commands are all transforming search into something we can only begin to imagine.

Webinar Recap: Building the Local Marketing Tech Stack

In a webinar Wednesday, Street Fight’s research director David Card and John Hurley, Radius’s senior director of demand generation and content marketing, discussed how companies such as American Express, iHeartRadio, and DexYP use intelligent platforms and data to get ahead of their rivals.

Quantifying the Physical World with a Product-Based Approach

By having access to real-world consumer footprints and analytics in real time, businesses have the potential to make decisions on product marketing quicker and more reliably.

Why Location Visit Data Is Going to Be Huge for Brands

If you are not already thinking about how visits data fits into your location strategy, or you’ve yet to bring the people in-house to support that strategy (think: data scientists), now is the time. this is going to be the biggest, most critical shift in the young history of location data markets.

PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands

Building on an ongoing relationship, PlaceIQ and market research company IRI have announced a new partnership that brings insights on location and shoppers’ behavior to the consumer packaged goods sector.

An Unsexy Truth: Emerging Tech Hinges on Local Data

The visual search future in which “the camera is the new search box,” will have a massive reliance on local data. Therefore value and demand are boosted within that world for companies that have unique local data sets — everything from NAP to snaps.

Cuebiq Partners With GeTui for Chinese Retail Data

The location data provider has entered into a partnership with GeTui, a mobile internet, push-notification service provider to nearly one billion devices. Under their agreement, the companies plan to jointly develop a machine learning platform to process data about foot traffic and offline consumer behavior from the Chinese market.

How Using Wearables Data Can Strengthen Brands’ Outreach

Wearables have the ability to become a conduit to exciting new revenue streams, but it’s up to marketers to take advantage of the data these devices generate, and to create a marketing ecosystem that evolves through contextually-based experiences that matter to the consumer.

‘Deep Audience’: Reach, the Location-Rich Media-Mix, and the Whole Marketing Picture

TV and other legacy platforms are evolving to become more precise. These forces reflect brands’ desire to reach the people they’ve identified as most amenable to their products, and they reflect the desire to do so with messaging that is deeply relevant to consumers’ lifestyles and interests.

How New Location Data Tools Are Making Attribution a Reality

The future of retail and attribution is evolving quickly and allowing brands for the first time to have a better understanding of how effective their advertising is. While the search for in-store attribution is at the top of the every marketer’s wish list it’s important that all know the strengths and weaknesses of each methodology.

Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

Data firm Commerce Signals has partnered with LiveRamp to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers. The collaboration draws upon sales data from banks and financial networks to enable marketing measurement and optimization across digital publishers and devices.

Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities

For a month, Cuebiq tracked geo-behavioral patterns of anonymous consumers in the Westfield World Trade Center (WTC) shopping mall, right after the mall’s grand opening in August. The study differentiated between tourist and local visitors, and tracked consumers’ favorite brands.

PlaceIQ Expands Location Data Network, Joining Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace

The company will make its audience targeting data available to Oracle’s brand and agency customers, allowing them to combine it with other first- and third-party data streams to build custom audiences to increase cross-channel marketing effectiveness.

Gimbal Launches Proximity Data Platform for Mobile App Publishers

While more consumers own smartphones than ever before, they also face an unprecedented number of options when it comes to mobile apps. For app publishers, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd — even if your service is perfect for a a specific kind of user. As a way to help publishers […]

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Massive Opportunity in Local Data

The difficulty of accessing local data has been changing with the rise of smartphones. We no longer have to guess and approximate where consumers go, because mobile phones can provide data that paints a much richer picture of where, when, and why users visit the world around them.

xAd Unveils Location Intelligence Platform for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

The New York-based location data company announced a new tool called MarketPlace Discovery on Wednesday. The platform will provide brands with insights about where consumers active in their industries are shopping.

It’s Valuable, But Is It Accurate? LBMA Report Shines Light On Marketers’ Location Data Issues

According to a new survey, while 77 percent of marketers think that location based data is valuable, only 66 percent of them feel that it is accurate. This is a troubling discrepancy indicating that there is a lot of work to be done in standardization and verification.

Rocket Fuel and The Data Trust Partner to Improve GOP Ad Targeting

Political marketers will be able to leverage Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring technology, which the company describes as “a real-time calculation of each ad opportunity based on the likelihood that a consumer will engage in a desired action across channels, devices, and objectives.”