#SFSNYC: Kevin Clark of Synup Talks Better Reputation Management and Listings Updates

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What the public sees and hears about a company’s brand can make or break its overall success. That makes the services Synup offers relevant to many businesses, according to Kevin Clark, vice president of sales for the company.

Clark spoke at the Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn Wednesday about the ways Synup can help other businesses take charge of their online reputations, as well as turn their first-party data on customers into actionable insights.

Clark foregrounded the importance of real-time listings updates. Whether it is a positive or less favorable review, the public has the power to contribute input about businesses that can sway other consumers. Reviews that are left unanswered could stand to turn off other people in the market. If a company is unaware of the reputation it has on a local or broader basis, it could find itself running uphill and not understanding why it is so difficult to bring in customers.

Synup, a SaaS platform used by agencies and banks to manage data, can help businesses take control of such touchpoints, Clark said. Synup offers automated web tracking and can keep tabs on how a company appears on such platforms as Facebook and Google search. Instant notifications can be sent to brands to alert them when new comments have been posted about the company, giving them a heads-up when they are being discussed.

The platform can also be used to ensure customers can find information they expect to see the first time they click for more details from the company. That includes finding information such as hours of operation, payment methods, specials, coupons, and social media events tied to the business.

Synup also offers data and analytics to support the marketing efforts of its clients. Aggregating interactions with customers can help a company understand how to better coordinate its efforts to win back business.

A case study on which Synup has been working with a partner agency shows the dramatic effect its services may have. The study of 200 customers saw substantial improvement and adoption after companies moved to the Synup platform, Clark said.

Launched in 2014, Synup offers its services in seven countries, and Clark said the company is currently building up its team in the U.S.