Street Fight Daily: Google to Follow IAB’s GDPR Approach, How Restaurants Can Crush Digital

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

In Significant Move for Publishers, Google Plans to Commit to IAB’s GDPR Approach (Digiday)
Google will tell publishers how it plans to integrate with the independent industry standard for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation at meetings on May 24 at four of its global offices, according to publisher sources. Reuters: Yelp seeks to revive EU antitrust complaint against Google

How Savvy Restaurateurs Make the Most of Online Ordering (Street Fight)
“What increasingly separates top-performing restaurants from the pack is their ability to transform insights from data into strategies to grow,” says Liam Oliver, director of products for Valassis Local Solutions. “Savvy restaurateurs drive incremental revenue by designing promotions that raise the average order value.”

Banned from Amazon: The Shoppers Who Make Too Many Returns (WSJ)
Even Amazon has its limits. The e-commerce giant bans shoppers from the site for infractions such as returning too many items, sometimes without telling them what they did wrong.

Heard on the Street, Episode 4: Growing the SMB Pie with Ilir Sela (Street Fight)
What are the nuances and tactical imperatives of selling pizza locally? For one, it compels a highly verticalized approach: It’s all about focus and specialization on the sector’s unique operational challenges, according to Slice Founder and CEO Ilir Sela, our latest guest on Heard on the Street.

Location Targeting Presents Opportunity to Capitalize on Growing Memorial Day Spending (Street Fight)
With 8-in-10 U.S. adults now planning to spend an average of $486 over the holiday weekend, Vistar and MFour found that Memorial Day weekend has become one of the most popular shopping holidays of the year.

How to Improve Your App’s Visibility Organically (eMarketer)
In late 2017, Apple unveiled a completely revamped App Store with a clear focus on helping surface mobile apps to its users. Why? Because consumers are drowning in a sea of options.

Mobile Header Bidding Is on the Rise, and In-App Waits in the Wings (AdExchanger)
Header bidding-enabled ad spend is on the upswing thanks to mobile. And though it’s still early days for in-app header bidding adoption, that train’s just about ready to leave the station.

7 Top Takeaways from B2SMBi Leader Forum (Local Onliner)
Peter Krasilovsky: Many of us are betting on cloud-based services—aided by AI, marketing automation, and location marketing—to boost SMB marketing and management. That’s the operating premise behind B2SMB, which is about enterprise companies selling services to SMBs.

Facebook Is Full of Could-Be CEOs, But No One Ever Leaves (Recode)
No one from Facebook’s top management team left amid the past months’ turmoil, which is surprising until you consider the fact that no one in Facebook’s upper ranks ever seems to leave the company.

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