Street Fight Daily: Duopoly Accounts for 90% of Digital Ad Growth, TV’s Attribution Problem

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Digital Ad Market Grows to $88 Billion, With Google and Facebook Contributing 90% of Growth (AdExchanger)
While Facebook and Google may contribute to most of the revenue growth, the IAB reported that the top 10 companies on its list contributed 68-75% of overall revenue. Only three companies in the top 10 in 2008 remain on the list today.

5 Location-Based Tips for Brands Looking to Boost Mobile Visibility and Sales (Street Fight)
Derek Browers: Centralization of location data is key. With correct information at hand, a brand’s corporate office can effectively channel information to individual store/business locations for events like regional holiday sales. At the same time, stores can manipulate their own unique data and funnel that back up to corporate.

TV Has an Attribution Problem (MediaPost)
Dave Morgan: The advertising industry is quickly approaching a future where household-level sales attribution becomes table stakes for all media campaigns and channels. This future sets up digital media companies well, but could be disastrous for TV companies.

Street Culture: dataPlor Strives for Transparency in Every Facet of Its Business (Street Fight)
There’s a phrase dataPlor CEO and founder Geoff Michener uses so frequently and quickly that it almost sounds rehearsed: open, direct, transparent communication. 

LBMA Podcast: Thinknear, Facebook & Nike, Groupon Buys Vouchercloud (Street Fight)
On this week’s edition of the Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: Thinknear, Facebook + Nike, Groupon buys Vouchercloud, Clear Channel launches RADARView, Oscar Meyer’s Bacoin, Coca-Cola teams up with Cargo.

GDPR Scrambling Has Spawned a Slew of ‘Charlatans’ (Digiday)
The widespread hand-wringing caused by the last-minute scramble of businesses ahead of the May 25 GDPR deadline is fueling a cottage industry of GDPR experts and consultants.

Google Offers an Unusually Clear View of How It Handles User Data (Verge)
With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation set to go into effect on May 25th, services across the board are updating their policies to comply with the new privacy rules—and today, Google joined the crowd.

Millennials Really Hated Snapchat’s Redesign (Recode)
Snapchat’s user sentiment—measured by having consumers rank their impression of a brand on a scale of 100 for “very positive” to -100 for “very negative”—among 18- to 34-year-old U.S. consumers declined 73% following the redesign.

For ScopeAR, the Market Is Finally Catching Up With Technology (TechCrunch)
ScopeAR came to the AR game very early, launching in 2011. But it has managed to hang around long enough for the market and the hardware to finally catch with the founders’ vision of using AR as an advanced training tool in the enterprise.

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