Street Fight Daily: Ad Tech Grows Faster Than Digital Advertising, FTC Investigating Facebook

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

More Money Goes to Ad Tech Than to Actual Media (AdExchanger)
Ad tech companies grew roughly five times faster than the digital advertising market from 2010 to 2016, according to an ad spend forecast released by Zenith on Monday.

Selling to Multi-Location Brands: Applying Geotargeting Lessons to Mobile Push (Street Fight)
David Card: Mobile push marketing is one of the most popular technologies multi-location brands say they’re interested in exploring in the near term. Suppliers of local marketing technologies and services can help them do more than explore by taking lessons from brands that have had success with geotargeting.

The FTC Is Officially Investigating Facebook’s Data Practices (Wired)
The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection confirmed Monday that has undertaken a non-public investigation into Facebook’s data practices, according to a statement from Tom Pahl, the agency’s acting director. Fast Company: Facebook is taking its local news initiative global. TechCrunch: Zuckerberg refuses UK Parliament’s summons.

How Restaurants Can Leverage Behavioral Data in Saturated Markets (Street Fight)
A new white paper released by the real-time consumer-intelligence firm Sense360 found that a fraction of a percentage point in market share, gained or lost, can mean the difference between hitting targets and financial ruin for restaurant operators.

Walmart Files Patent for In-Store Drone (MediaPost)
A shopper would use a mobile phone or a device provided by the store to summon a drone, which could then direct it to do a price verification of a product or provide navigation assistance to the consumer.

Google’s GDPR Consent Plan Could Be a Template for Other Tech Giants (Digiday)
Last week Google said that it wanted to have publishers solicit people’s consent to collect their information on the search company’s behalf—potentially paving the way for how other tech giants that sell ads on publishers’ sites, like Facebook and Amazon, might try to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation without significantly changing their ad tech operations.

How Much Data Collection Is Too Much? (AdWeek)
Marketers have long had access to far more digital data about consumers than most realize, which powers sometimes unnervingly accurate predictive analytics.

New Leadership Has Not Changed Uber (NYT)
Steven Hill: The problem was, and still is, Uber’s business model: Its modus operandi is to subsidize fares and flood streets with its cars to achieve a transportation monopoly. In city after city, this has led to huge increases in traffic congestion, increased carbon emissions, and the undermining of public transportation.

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