Street Fight Daily: Leave In-Store Shoppers Alone, Google Courts Publishers as Facebook Flails

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

In-Store Shoppers Lean on Tech, Want to Be Left Alone in Stores (MediaPost)
About a third (34%) of shoppers rank receiving promotional and sales information, sent directly to their phone when entering a store, as important. But an overwhelming majority say they do not want to be approached in-store.

Report: Growth in Convenience Stores Presents Opportunity for CPG Marketers (Street Fight)
If there’s one thing that Charlie Lang hopes CPG brands get from Koupon’s report, it’s that the retail landscape is changing quickly, and the convenience store category presents tremendous upside for marketers.

While Facebook Battles Fires, Google Rolls Out Pro-Publisher Initiatives (Digiday)
Google announced on March 20 a slew of initiatives aimed at helping news publishers, part of the tech giant’s continued effort to present itself as a friend to the industry. Recode: Facebook loses $50 billion in market cap

Image Recognition and Smartphone Ubiquity Create Opportunities for CPGs in Emerging Markets (Street Fight)
Geoff Michener: The combination of advancements in image recognition technology and a growing global network of smartphone owners is shaping up to be a powerful duo for data intelligence abroad for CPG brands.

Media Rating Council Considers Bumping up Video Ad Standards (MediaPost)
As part of its ongoing effort to improve ad industry trading currencies, the Media Rating Council is looking at raising the bar on video ad impressions to “100%” viewable.

Marc Lore Explains Walmart’s E-Commerce Strategy (AdWeek)
While Walmart’s acquisitions of ModCloth, Jet, and Bonobos appear like a game of catch-up to the rest of the industry, Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart Ecommerce US, said there’s a bigger strategy at play.

Restaurant Delivery Is Harder Than You Think. DoorDash CEO Explains (Recode)
Want to appreciate the logistical complexity that goes into some restaurant delivery scenarios? Here’s DoorDash founder and CEO Tony Xu’s take.

Verizon’s In-House Agency Is on a Quest to Balance Creativity and Tech (AdExchanger)
When Andrew McKechnie left the role of global creative director at Apple to become Verizon’s first-ever chief creative officer in February 2017, he had a tall order.

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