Street Fight Daily: Acquires SIM Partners, Placed Open-Sources Its Platform

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Acquires SIM Partners (Street Fight)
In what is sure to be one of local’s major acquisition deals of 2018, has acquired SIM Partners, the companies announced today. Local SEO Guide: Who is next in local listings management?

Placed Opens Up Location Analytics Platform for Free Public Use (Street Fight)
Location-insights powered ad measurement company Placed will offer its location-based analytics and insights to the public for free, the company announced on Thursday.

BrandMuscle’s Paul Elliott Talks New Report on How Brands Can Go Local with Precision (Street Fight)
“Local business partners want to increasingly execute in digital, but there is a reluctance or slowness in the brands or enterprises in shifting their dollars from traditional coverage in marketing and media to digital tactics,” said Paul Elliott of BrandMuscle.

Bit by Bit, Whole Foods Gets an Amazon Touch (NYT)
Some signs are subtle, like the “Whole Foods + Amazon” one near the bananas. Others are more obvious, like the kiosk with Amazon devices for sale.

How Publishers Can Survive Facebook Churn: Top Expert Weighs In — Part II (Street Fight)
“The smaller scale might be an advantage when it comes to trust,” Grzegorz Piechota told Tom Grubisich. “Local publishers can offer services Facebook will never be able to provide at a global scale such as checking all the facts, verifying all the ads, or providing a 100% guarantee of brand-safe context.”

Mass Messages from Small Businesses on Messenger Are Closer to Reality (AdWeek)
Facebook announced Wednesday that it is expanding its test of a feature allowing brands on Messenger to send mass messages.

Publishing’s Incremental Revenue Often Doesn’t Replace Lost Ad Dollars (Digiday)
Many publishers are faced with a math problem. All the new “incremental” revenue lines — commerce, licensing, micropayments, events — don’t add up to more than their declining ad businesses as Google and Facebook suck up ad budgets.

How Brands Are Behaving on Snapchat (MediaPost)
What’s your competition up to on Snapchat? Sure, swiping around the app can offer some clues, but MediaRadar took a more methodical approach by analyzing the activity of 397 brands from last November through this past January.

Best Buy Is Closing All 250 Mobile Stores in the US (Verge)
BestBuy has announced it will shut all 250 of its small mobile stores across the US by May 31st. The stores reportedly contributed only a little over 1 percent to the company’s overall revenue.

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