Drawbridge Partners with mParticle to Help Brands Deliver Personalized Experiences

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Brands in all industries are turning to marketing technology companies such as Drawbridge and mParticle to better understand and anticipate the needs of their customers. To that end, the two tech companies have announcned they are teaming up, combining Drawbridge’s people-based data graph with mParticle’s customer data platform to provide brands with personalized, actionable data. 

“Brands don’t want to engage with devices, they want to engage with consumers,” wrote Brian Ferrario, VP of Marketing at Drawbridge, in an email shared with Street Fight. “Devices don’t buy stuff, grow affinity with brands, or help amplify brand messages. People do.”

The key difference between the solution Drawbridge and mParticle are offering and the marketing-tech solutions commonly available on the market is that this solution takes individual customers as its unit of insight, not simply the multiple devices they may happen to carry.

While brands of all kinds would likely prefer people-based insights to device-restricted ones, that level of granularity is still difficult to achieve, requiring resources unavailable to all but a few consumer-facing companies.

“Getting to [a] people-based view of customers has largely only been available to a handful of enterprises with dedicated resources,” Ferrario wrote. “By partnering and integrating with mParticle, [Drawbridge is] democratizing this capability by giving brands, publishers, and developers an easy ‘pipe’ for data to flow, simplifying the process of building a custom people-based graph.”

Brands working with mParticle and looking to harness the power of Drawbridge’s people-based data solution need only notify mParticle that they are interested in Drawbridge’s “connected customer graph.” From there, mParticle hands the brand’s data off to Drawbridge, and the latter sends a graph back the brand’s way.

Brands can use the customer graph to bolster the efficacy of marketing campaigns, achieve attribution, or offer more personalized content. The solution is also available to publishers, which can leverage it to ensure their readers are getting the sort of content that will keep them coming back.

As for the precision of the product, Drawbridge boasts a Nielsen-verified accuracy rating for its people-based data graph of over 97% and bases its insights on connections to over 1.3 billion consumers across some 2 billion more devices.

It deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning to craft personalized graphs out of data covering more than 80% of the digitally active population in North America and Europe.

mParticle counts NBC Universal, Spotify, and Airbnb among its clients. Since its founding in 2013, the New York-based company has grown to oversee over $5 billion in commercial transactions, helping its brand partners keep track of data generated by their marketing efforts across the many platforms now available to them.

Joe Zappa is Street Fight’s news editor.

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