Street Fight Daily: Local Online Pubs Shirk Display, SMBs Key to Growth of Digital Ad Platforms

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Local Digital News Publishers Are Ignoring Display Revenue (Digiday)
Publishers will enter 2018 more focused than ever on diversifying their revenue streams away from display advertising. For many digital local news publishers, which have been hit the hardest as ad dollars moved to Google and Facebook, that shift is already underway.

Will 2018 Be a Tipping Point for Voice? (Street Fight)
“There may only be 6-7 ‘commands’ that we use regularly with voice, though I’m willing to bet that as people get more and more accustomed to the interface, the horizon of possibilities expands,” David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal in their biweekly column.

IAB: Big Digital Ad Platforms Must Mine SMB Market to Keep Growing (LSA Insider)
A little-noticed “addendum” to the IAB’s Internet Revenue Half Year Report, released last month, argued that ad spending among national advertisers is flat to anemic and that big internet ad platforms and exchanges will need to recruit more SMBs in order to drive future growth.

Why All Local Tech Vendors Need Offline Attribution in 2018 (Street Fight)
Neil Sweeney: With Google and Facebook offering their own standalone solutions (to measure only their own media) and with Snap’s 2017 purchase of Placed, anyone in the market of competing for share, will need, at minimum, the same tools as the next guy, writes Freckle’s Neil Sweeney.

Hearst Scored Record Profits for 7th Consecutive Year by Investing in Data (AdWeek)
In a memo to staff and other members of the media, Hearst’s CEO Steven R. Swartz detailed just how successful the publishing company was in 2017.

EU Asks: Does Control of ‘Big Data’ Stifle Competition? (WSJ)
European Union antitrust regulators are taking a hard look at an increasingly important corporate currency: data.

Apple Helps Mobile Developers, Buys Buddybuild (MediaPost)
As part of a broader effort to woo mobile developers, Apple just bought app tools-maker Buddybuild. The Vancouver-based startup essentially helps developers recalibrate their offerings to meet consumer demands.

Contextual Targeting Will See a Resurgence in the Year Ahead (AdExchanger)
Paul Bannister: In 2018, I believe contextual targeting will enjoy a resurgence as new technologies and approaches enhance its capabilities and marketers learn more about the limitations of other tactics.

How Will McDonald’s Gaming Strategy Influence Its 2018 Marketing? (GeoMarketing)
“McDonald’s is historically a fun brand,” says Tim Snyder, McDonald’s digital business optimization director. “Gaming is just a natural extension of what we’re doing right now with Uber Eats and delivery.”

Amazon Shipped Over 5 Billion Items with Prime in 2017 (TechCrunch)
Amazon still won’t officially reveal how many consumers worldwide participate in its Amazon Prime membership program, but it did today offer a few new stats related to that program’s adoption and growth.

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