Raise Report: Nextdoor, Bizzabo, iZettle Lock Down New Funding

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Every two weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

Wednesday, Dec 6: Fetch Robotics Picks Up $25 Million to Disrupt Warehouses
Sway Ventures led the Series B round, VentureBeat reported. Fetch Robotics offers companies robotic technology that allows them to work more efficiently at a cheaper cost. The money will help Fetch scale up as it meets demand across the globe.

Thursday, Dec 7: PhoneWagon Scores $1.2 Million for Telephone Marketing Attribution
Birchmere Ventures led the round of seed funding, TechCrunch reported. PhoneWagon’s software allows companies to track the results of their marketing calls. It will use the funding to support growth as it adds new customers at a fast clip.

Thursday, Dec 7: Chattermill Locks Down £600K to Maximize Utility of Customer Feedback
Entrepreneur First and Avonmore Developments contributed to the round of seed funding, TechCrunch reported. Chattermill uses deep learning to allow companies to process and make sense of feedback at scale. The funds will help Chattermill develop its product. 

Tuesday, Dec 12: Nextdoor Raises $75 Million to Drive Local Social Connections
Investors in the Series G round are unnamed, Fast Company reported. Nextdoor is a social platform that connects people who live near one another. The platform could hypothetically be a boon to small businesses, which may benefit from digital chatter among locals. 

Wednesday, Dec 13: Kasisto Rakes In $17 Million for Conversational AI Platform
Oak HC/FT led the Series B round, VentureBeat reported. Kasisto sells conversational artificial intelligence to financial organizations, allowing them to better serve and retain customers. The capital infusion will fuel Kasisto’s efforts to expand its client base.

Wednesday, Dec 13: Bizzabo Secures $15 Million to Streamline Event Administration
Pilot Growth Equity led the round, Forbes reported. The company leverages technology to make event organization as easy and effective as possible. The funding will be put toward product development and customer acquisition.

Wednesday, Dec 13: iZettle Snaps Up $47 Million for Business-Building Tools
The VC fund Dawn and Swedish government agency The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund led the round, CNBC reported. iZettle helps clients build businesses by offering them the technological infrastructure needed to fulfill commercial obligations such as taking payments and managing day-to-day operations. The money will help iZettle manage growth as it approaches a potential 2018 IPO.

Joseph Zappa is Street Fight’s news editor.

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