Street Fight Daily: What the Time Sale Portends for Media, Moment of Truth Approaches for Uber

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

What the Blockbuster Sale of Time Inc Means for the Media (Poynter)
The $3 billion Sunday evening sale of Time Inc., long the king of magazine companies, is stunning for not being stunning. It will now be a footnote, albeit an important one, to a digital revolution that has altered the basic business models of once omnipotent media companies.

How Far Can Google Local Services Expand? (Street Fight)
Regardless of what Google thinks is in the best interest of the searcher, the company has “no choice but to accelerate their monetization in Local to keep their revenues growing at a healthy clip and Wall Street happy,” David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal in their biweekly column.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Softbank’s Tender Offer for Uber Coming Tomorrow (Recode)
Tuesday’s when a multi-billion “tender offer” from SoftBank is expected to begin, giving Uber shareholders the chance to sell some of their stock or hold fast until the company goes public. The decision effectively asks every Uber insider to gauge their confidence in the company they built.

Smaller Newspapers Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You, New Report Finds (Street Fight)
Smaller-market papers, with 50,000 or smaller print circulation, are doing quite well overall compared with their larger counterparts, according to the new report by Damian Radcliffe and Christopher Ali. In this Q & A, Ali explains the contrary success of these numerous smaller papers.

As Amazon Marketing Grows, Agencies Sees an Opportunity (Digiday)
There’s a new movement in agency land that’s hoping to convince brands that to crack Amazon, they need more than just any old media-buying agency: They need a one-stop shop that will do everything for the brand on Amazon.

Ahead of NRF Numbers, Expansive Black Friday Looks Like a Winner (MediaPost)
As Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Monikerless Sunday and Cyber Monday blend in one long singularity of bargain hunting both in-store and online — at big boxes, pop-ups and everything in between — the gut feel seems to be that we’re at the tail end of a record spending spree this morning.

Mapping the Future: Cartography Stages a Comeback (Wired)
Increasingly, everything from your takeout delivery to your UberPool route is orchestrated not just by engineers but by cartographers. Between 2007 and 2015, the number of grads earning master’s degrees in cartography increased annually by more than 40 percent on average.

Retailers’ Emails Are Misfires for Many Holiday Shoppers (WSJ)
Sari Rogers browsed Lord & Taylor’s website earlier this month, looking for a pair of tall black boots, but left without making a purchase. A day later, the retailer emailed her, but instead of beckoning her back with a boot promo, it advertised 25% off dresses.

ProYo Scoops Up Market Share with Location Data-Backed Marketing Strategy (AdExchanger)
ProYo, a challenger brand that sells high-protein ice cream, faces three primary marketing challenges: generating awareness in a crowded market, driving foot traffic to the aisle and standing out from a growing pack of specialty ice cream brands.

How Papa John’s Uses Social Media to Shape Brand Perception (eMarketer)
Now CMO of Papa John’s International, Brandon Rhoten spoke about why he believes marketers can and should use social media to enact broad changes in brand perception.

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