Street Fight Daily: Google Takes Over Local Bookings, Snap Goes Programmatic

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Reserve with Google Booking Service to Open Beyond U.S. and Include Restaurants (VentureBeat)
For the initiative, Google partnered with a number of scheduling providers, such as SimpleSpa, TimeTrade, Genbook, Booksy, and SuperSalon, among others. But now Google is allowing businesses to register with scheduling partners directly from their Google My Business accounts.

How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness (Street Fight)
David Card: Website analytics are the most popular means of evaluating local marketing for multi-location brands. While that’s a logical tactic for analyzing digital marketing and advertising effectiveness, it hardly presents the full picture of multichannel marketing or online-to-offline attribution. 

Snap Turns to Programmatic Ads for Snapchat Shows (Digiday)
Snap has told Snapchat shows partners that it plans to bring in more programmatic ads after struggling to fill space inside the programming.

Brand-building Expert Norty Cohen to Marketers: Consumer Engagement Is Key (Street Fight)
Simon Constable: Cohen’s message is that the old ways of trying to connect via TV and other media just aren’t as effective as they used to be. What you need now is to make a connection with the potential consumer of your product or service. And the person who now has a relationship with the brand can then help spread the message via word of mouth.

The Most Successful E-Commerce Brands Build for Mainstream America (Recode)
The biggest e-commerce IPOs and company sales of the last few years prove that you can succeed by going for mass appeal. And, in fact, that you probably should if you are going to be raising tens of millions of dollars or more at big valuations.

Loyalty is Simple. It’s a Wonder Smart Brands Get It So Wrong (MediaPost)
Sean Hargrave: Consumers are comfortable with loyalty cards and points, but they rarely understand what they are collecting and what their balance means.

Strategies for Food Tech Entrepreneurs Staring Down Amazon (TechCrunch)
Patricia Nakache: Without knowing Bezos’ ultimate vision for an Amazon-owned Whole Foods, food tech companies must decide whether and how to compete. I offer apprehensive entrepreneurs a cautiously optimistic message: Exhale, at least a bit. Despite the new market reality, there’s enormous opportunity to thrive.

Facebook Tests a Pinterest-Like Feature Called Sets (AdWeek)
The social network confirmed that it is testing Sets, Pinterest-like themed collections that include status updates, photos, videos and links, and that can be shared with all friends or specific friends.

How Do Americans Feel About Driverless Cars? (eMarketer)
In the latest episode of “Behind the Numbers,” eMarketer’s Victoria Petrock talks about the concerns and benefits of driverless cars. 

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