Raise Report: Fresh Funding for NuOrder, LiftIgniter, Bridg

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Every two weeks, we round up some of the biggest fundraises taking place in hyperlocal marketing, commerce, and tech.

Tuesday, August 15: Alcohol Marketplace Minibar Delivery Picks Up $5 Million
Corigin Ventures led the round, TechCrunch reported. Minibar Delivery gives liquor stores an e-commerce outlet, connecting them with consumers looking for convenience. Looking forward, Minibar Delivery will aim to reach more consumers, letting them know that alcohol, like so many other goods, is now available on the web.

Tuesday, August 15: NuOrder Locks Down $8 Million to Streamline Brand-Retailer Communications
Argentum led the round, VentureBeat reported. NuOrder’s software functions like a digital catalog on which its more than 800 brand patrons can report inventories, demand, and other logistics. In turn, retailers can look at the catalog to remain abreast of what they should expect from the brands they sell in stores or online. NuOrder will put the funds toward market expansion and product development.

Thursday, August 17: LiftIgniter Raises $6.4 Million to Help Sites Offer Personalized Experiences
Storm Ventures led the Series A round, TechCrunch reported. LiftIgniter helps smaller companies compete with the personalization apparatuses of larger rivals by providing the personalization power itself, allowing its clients to offer site visitors experiences catered to their individual needs and interests. LiftIgniter will need to grow rapidly to compete with similar solutions being developed at tech giants like Google.

Friday, August 18: Immersv Secures $10.5 Million for VR Advertising
Rogers Venture Partners led the round, VentureBeat reported. Immersv is innovating in the evolving VR-advertising space, allowing advertisers to run campaigns in VR apps and games. Immersv will use the fresh capital to speed up product development and build global partnerships.

Tuesday, August 22: Sigstr Scores $5 Million for Email-Based Marketing Software 
Hyde Park Venture Partners led the Series A round, Indianapolis Business Journal reported. Sigstr harnesses information gleaned from employee emails to help brands such as Angie’s List better understand and serve consumers. The round will help Sigstr build up its sales and marketing staff and grow its product.

Wednesday, Aug 23: WorkSpan Snaps Up $9 Million to Facilitate Marketer Collaboration
Mayfield led the Series A round, MediaPost reported. WorkSpan, which is launching globally alongside the funding announcement, is a marketing network through which marketers can collaborate to compose successful campaigns. WorkSpan will use the capital infusion to hire employees in sales and marketing and facilitate its entry into the market.

Wednesday, August 23: Bridg Rakes In $11 Million for Consumer Intelligence Software
Morpheus Ventures led the Series B round, Restaurant Finance Monitor reported. Bridg collects point-of-sale data for restaurants and retailers and provides them with data intelligence that facilitates successful marketing efforts. Going forward, Bridg will aim to forge partnerships with top retailers.

Joseph Zappa is Street Fight’s news editor.

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