Street Fight Daily: Alexa Favors Prime Products, Newspapers Unite to Challenge Duopoly

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Alexa Is More Likely to Recommend Prime Products, New Research Indicates (AdWeek)
While shopping via voice is still relatively new territory for consumers and businesses, a new report suggests Amazon is already gearing up to play favorites. Digiday: How Amazon is cornering fashion brands into wholesale.

Snapchat Expands Its Foray Into Local with Snap Map (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: Pinterest and Snapchat both are turning digital space into a closer analogue to physical space, where we look for visual cues to understand the world. In different ways, both apps are collapsing the distance between virtual and real.

News Outlets to Seek Bargaining Rights Against Google and Facebook (NYT)
This week, a group of news organizations will begin an effort to win the right to negotiate collectively with the big online platforms and will ask for a limited antitrust exemption from Congress in order to do so. It’s an extreme measure with long odds. Recode: Google is funding a new software project that will automate local news writing.

PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands (Street Fight)
Building on an ongoing relationship, PlaceIQ and market research company IRI have announced a new partnership that brings insights on location and shoppers’ behavior to the consumer packaged goods sector.

Waymo Drops Most Patent Claims in Uber Self-Driving Car Lawsuit (TechCrunch)
There were a few big breaks in the case between Waymo and Uber over self-driving car technology today. As a result, the scope of the case is starting to come into focus as both companies prepare for a trial set to begin in October.

How Automation Is Changing the Marketer’s Role (Digiday)
Tyler Hampton: As the amount of available data keeps expanding, the natural assumption is that discerning ROI will be easier. But in the process, the actual practice of marketing can get lost in the noise.

Is Programmatic Effective? (AdExchanger)
Tim Webster: Programmatic, or some version of it, is the future, but as with any new technology, there are challenges surrounding it that need to be addressed. With business goals being primarily focused on driving awareness and ROI, the objective of delivering exciting creative is getting lost.

The Advantages of a Smaller Startup Ecosystem (VentureBeat)
Greg Pokriki: In the world of startups, there are obvious pros to locating in a hub like New York City, Boston or Silicon Valley. But there are also some considerable drawbacks, many of which are often solved in smaller markets.

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