Street Fight Daily: Walmart Acquires ModCloth, Marketing Tactics Divide Consumers by Generation

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Walmart is Acquiring ModCloth, the Online Women’s Fashion Retailer (Recode)
Walmart is acquiring ModCloth, a 15-year-old online retailer best known for its vintage-inspired clothing. Walmart is buying the women’s clothing company on behalf of, its subsidiary that has been on an acquisition spree over the last 12 months.

xAd Introduces Pay-for-Performance Model, Guaranteeing Offline Store Visits (Street Fight)
Location intelligence company xAd today launched a new media buying model called “Cost Per Visit,” which is intended to ensure offline visits at stores by customers — and offer better ROI for brands. Marketers who use “Cost Per Visit” only pay when targeted customers physically go to a store after seeing a mobile ad.

Millenials Follow Brands; Gen-Xers, Contests; Boomers, Promotions (MediaPost)
To comprehend how each generation is engaging with brands on social and what that means for your business, Sprout Social surveyed 1,000 Millennials (ages 18-34), Gen Xers (ages 34-54) and Baby Boomers (ages 55+). The results revealed a few commonalities, and shed light on the differences between the behaviors, perceptions and expectations of each generation.

Google’s AMP Pages Speed Mobile, But Publisher Control Remains a Big Issue (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Mobile page-loading issues are so pervasive that 59% of users click off content that takes more than three seconds to load, costing news publishers numerous opportunities to lengthen pageviews into sessions and monetize their articles and videos. Google’s AMP addresses the problem, but at what cost?

Introducing Marketing-Stack Management, Powered by Enterprise Machine Learning (AdExchanger)
Nathan Woodman: Most digital-marketing tools are smart, powerful, and effective at doing what they’re designed to do. Most leverage machine learning to create value, drive performance or both. What happens, though, when they aren’t talking to each other? How smart can they be when they don’t see what the other tools are doing?

Bullish: The Future of Food On Demand (TechCrunch)
Megan Rose Dickey: On this episode of Bullish, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu and I discuss the evolution of the on-demand space, challenges to profitability, predictions for the future, and autonomous delivery.

Facebook Stories Isn’t Rolling Out Yet, But Testing is Expand to More Countries (AdWeek)
A Facebook spokesperson said in an email to Social Pro Daily that the social network began testing Facebook Stories with users in Chile, Vietnam and Greece earlier this week. Business Insider: If You Think Facebook’s Attempts to Copy Snapchat Are Clumsy, You Don’t Understand What’s Going On

Pernod-Ricard Used Weather Data to Target Drinkers During the Blizzard (Digiday)
As shoppers were rushing grocery stores up and down the East Coast in anticipation of winter storm Stella on Tuesday, Pernod Ricard was busy giving them not-so-subtle reminders to also stock up on hooch.

Fasten, SxSW’s Official Ride-Share, Maps Trending Places(Geomarketing)
David Kaplan: The Boston-based ride-hailing company swooped in and took advantage of the withdrawal of Uber and Lyft from Austin in the wake of new regulations calling for drivers to be fingerprinted last summer. Since its Austin launch in June 2016, the company claims to have taken over 2 million rides.

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