Street Fight Daily: Google Updates AMP, Facebook Leverages AI for Advertising

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google Now Lets You View and Share a Publisher’s Own Links on AMP (TechCrunch)
The decision to make this change follows some backlash from publishers who believed Google was stealing their traffic by changing their own URLs to those that had “Google” in the name, all in the name of mobile optimization.

Foursquare Analysis Shows Where Customers Go When Retailers Close (Street Fight)
Using both explicit and passive location data from its Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps and websites, the company analyzed consumer visits at Macy’s and Kmart locations that closed in 2016. Foursquare also looked at foot traffic at competing retail stores around the same time period.

Facebook Leverages AI to Improve Advertising (Recode)
Mark Zuckerberg talked on the earnings call about some of Facebook’s AI efforts aimed at recognizing and understanding the content of not just text posts but also photos and videos. Once Facebook understands the content, it can make a judgment about whether it might be of interest to a given user.

Google Analytics for Brick-and-Mortar? Spatially Targets Where to Set Up Shop (Street Fight)
Rick Robinson: Hillit Meidar-Alfi, the company’s founder and CEO says the service “is building the most powerful platform for location search and analytics with applications for small and medium businesses, marketing technologies, ecommerce, real estate, and more. Businesses using location analytics will have a significant competitive advantage over those that do not.”

Micro-targeting, Measurement Can Help Unlock In-App Brand Dollars (AdExchanger)
Tom Kershaw: As we look to unlock potentially billions of new brand dollars for in-app advertising, the industry must take several key steps collectively to bridge the divide and realize the massive potential the future can hold for in-app consumer engagement.

The Pressure is On for Retailers to Go Omnichannel (eMarketer)
Omnichannel retail is getting a lot of attention in 2017, due to a growing focus on the discipline by top players like Amazon and Walmart. But for many other retailers, the challenge of balancing and streamlining their physical and digital commerce operations continues to be a challenge. 

The Business Case for Digital Transformation (Forrester)
Dan Bieler: Digital transformation investments are ultimately about business survival through disruption. Such investments have a direct impact on customer expectations and go beyond the traditional ROI.

The Email Edge: Using Newsletters for Effective Marketing (MediaPost)
High-quality email newsletters both educate and entertain readers. They create brand value and generate sales even when there is no direct offer. And they work well when paired with social media and other channels.

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