Moz Local Incorporates Google My Business Insights Into Platform

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Seattle-based SEO software company Moz announced this morning that it is integrating Google My Business (GMB) Insights data into the Moz Local platform. The platform, which allows businesses to post and update their listings across the major aggregators of location data, will offer information about how and where customers optimize their Google listings.

Moz already offers its customers various performance metrics, among which include MozRank, MozTrust, Domain Authority, and Page Authority. Adding GMB Insights to this suite increases the range of data offered to marketers.

According to Moz Local VP Mark Corley, the integration is differentiated by the functionality of its data presentation.

“What really sets it apart is the real-time rollout, the slicing and dicing, and the ability to get access to that data quickly in whatever aggregate or subset you choose,” he said.

The GMB API can enable marketers to collect data regarding the performance of a listing on google platforms like search and maps. For example, they are able to differentiate between direct google searches and categorical Google searches through which customers reached a listing. Additionally, GMB Insights provides the capability to aggregate and compare location data for multi-location businesses, potentially enabling a more sophisticated use of data to inform local marketing.

For marketers, Corley believes the data will help “prove the value of their campaign and their marketing.” Using the GMB API, Moz Local strengthens its attribution data using customer action data — click-through numbers for websites, calls and maps — allowing marketers to better evaluate campaigns. For Moz, with 85,000 business listings, these insights are offered as a tool for businesses to optimize the marketing capabilities of local search.

Calling local the “strategic bottom-of-the-funnel investment,” Corley argues the GMB API will increase focus in this area. The tracking ability show that investments in local are capable of improving ‘the effectiveness of the rest of the marketing spend,” he said.

Lainie Rowland is an assistant editor at Street Fight.