Street Fight Daily: Voice Assistant-Enabled Cars Steal Show at CES, AR’s Retail Potential

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Auto Makers Showcase Cars Equipped with Virtual Assistants (Wall Street Journal)
First there was connecting the car to the smartphone. Now auto makers are rushing to make the car talk back. Some Ford cars will be able to work with an Amazon Alexa app to aid in navigation or to add to the driver’s shopping list during a ride. VentureBeat: Nissan is placing Cortana in the passenger seat. Quartz: Mercedes rolls out van with built-in drones and robot arms. TechCrunch: Microsoft launches cloud platform for connected cars.

Street Culture: Year-Old JumpCrew Builds for Scale, Eschews ‘Startup Culture’ (Street Fight)
“There has to be a process around the strategy to support the goals of others,” says founder David Pachter. “The people driving innovation are the ones on the front lines, working with clients and products. That groundswell of direction and changes, they don’t happen if you don’t have open channels of communication.”

Can Augmented Reality Bolster Retail Sales? (eMarketer)
Google is partnering with Gap Inc. to let shoppers try on clothes “virtually“ at home via augmented reality. While the concept isn’t new, AR is becoming familiar enough to consumers that it can start to affect sales.

3 Mobile Changes That Will Affect Marketers in 2017 (Street Fight)
Mark Connon: In 2017, the total number of worldwide mobile users is expected to surpass 6 billion across 11 billion mobile devices. So, what does the future of mobile look like for marketers? More specifically, what data-related trends will dominate in the coming year?

Chefs+Tech: The Restaurant Bubble Inches Closer to Bursting (Skift)
There are so many costs and conflicts at play in the restaurant business that even crazy VC money and celeb chefs are struggling to save their part of it.

Amazon to Open Retail Store in Manhattan at Time Warner Center (New York Times)
The Manhattan location, with an opening planned for the spring, will be the eighth that the internet giant has opened or announced. Stores in or near Portland, San Diego and Seattle are open now, and Amazon has said it is working on stores in Chicago and Dedham, Mass., near Boston.

Verizon and Yahoo’s $4.8 Billion Deal Still Hangs in the Balance (Business Insider)
It’s been five months since Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo’s internet business for $4.8 billion, but the company’s still not sure if the deal will close. “Unfortunately, I can’t sit here today and say with confidence one way or the other because we still don’t know,” Verizon Executive VP Marni Walden said.

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