Street Fight: Amazon’s First Physical Grocery Store, Beacon Companies Pivot Toward Attribution

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Amazon’s New Grocery Store Is Missing One of the Most Important Things About Its Business (Business Insider)
Eugene Kim: By now, you’ve probably seen the new video for Amazon Go, the e-commerce store’s first physical grocery store that comes with no cashiers or check out lines. But if you’ve followed Amazon closely, you’ve probably noticed the store is missing one of the most important parts about Amazon’s retail strategy: Prime benefits.

Omnichannel Personalization: Striving to Increase Average Basket Size (Street Fight)
Dan Slavin: Consumer goods and retail companies are using omnichannel personalization to engage consumers, and offer them the convenience to browse and buy products however and wherever they choose. With data analytics, retailers can engage in automated omnichannel personalization to deliver marketing that aligns with a customer’s specific behaviors.

Beacon Companies Pivot Toward Attribution As Acquirers Come A-Knocking (AdExchanger)
The value of beacons is around online-to-offline attribution, not push, said Neil Sweeney, CEO and founder of beacon network Freckle IoT. “Pushing notifications was the first-generation model,” he said. “But being able to tell a brand that these or those people were seen in their various stores – that will impact where the brand allocates its marketing dollars.”

Hand Delivery, No Lines, Pharmacist Chats — You Call This a Pharmacy? (Street Fight)
Rick Robinson: Capsule dubs itself a “next-generation pharmacy here to make your life simpler and healthier.” We recently caught up with founder and healthcare investor Eric Kinariwala to find out exactly how his startup is going to take the pain out of getting relief from what ails us.

Mobile Ad Growth Propels Glispa, a Mobile Marketing / AdTech Company, to New Heights (VentureBeat)
Glispa, the mobile performance marketing and ad tech company, grew rapidly in 2016, as mobile ad spending overtook desktop spending for the first time. During 2016, Glispa added more than 300 advertisers, doubled its employees to 280, and made a major investment in new technology.

Postmates Doesn’t Expect a Profit Until 2018 (Quartz)
Postmates lost $47 million before interest and tax in 2015, on revenue of $52 million, according to the presentation. The company expected its loss before interest and tax to grow to nearly $60 million this year, even as revenue approached $200 million. It anticipated a much smaller loss in 2017, and earnings before interest and tax of nearly $90 million by 2018.

In Southeast Asia, Facebook and Instagram Are Where People Shop (Wall Street Journal)
In Southeast Asia, Instagram is more than just a place to share photos. The Facebook Inc.-owned platform is where people go to shop. Social media sites from Facebook to Naver Corp.’s Line are luring consumers by using messaging as a tool and launching new shopping features, rapidly expanding into e-commerce in a region of 620 million people…

Open As App Turns Boring Business Data Into A Mobile App Instantly (TechCrunch)
Launching today in the Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt London, Open As App offers a platform that lets businesses instantly create apps from their data. Businesses can simply upload their Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs/Sheets, and the Open As App technology automatically creates an app across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and web, via an Open As App container app.

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