Street Fight Daily: Consumers Slow to Embrace E-Grocery, Location-Based Marketing Drives Foot Traffic

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Detail of a man shopping in a supermarket

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

One Local Market — Packaged Food and Household Goods — Resistant to E-Commerce (eMarketer)
Even as consumers gravitate to purchasing books, apparel, electronics and many other items through ecommerce channels, shoppers remain steadfast in their desire to purchase grocery items at a brick-and-mortar store.

DAC Group’s Fritz: ‘Consolidation Has Already Started’ in Local Tech (Street Fight)
“The biggest opportunity [will materialize] as we start to see technology platforms look at areas outside of their sweet spot,” says the company’s VP of business development. “We’ve heard rumblings around technology companies looking to purchase more agency solutions, as well as vice versa: agencies looking to acquire for tech.”

Location-Based Marketing Boosts Store Visits (MediaPost)
The media trial findings indicated that foot traffic increased 29%, with LBA targeting with a standard ad, and 31% when the LBA targeting was paired with a dynamic location-aware advertisement, as measured by Placed Attribution.

Can Google Shift Its Revenue Model from Advertising to Products? (Street Fight)
“Google rolling out integrated hardware and software is a big change,” Mike Blumenthal says to David Mihm. “They have tried their hand at manufacturing many times and failed, but this feels more strategic. Clearly their AI assistant effort is central and it seems that AI is table stakes for the coming battles.”

Gordon Borrell on Why Facebook is Killing It in Local Advertising (AdExchanger)
Facebook is making a play for the local market, hoping to succeed where Google failed back in 2006, Borrell said. Forty-two percent of all advertising is local, to the tune of $133 billion in spend this year, according to Borrell Associates data.

Vistaprint Launches Platform to Connect Online and Offline Marketing (Street Fight)
Vistaprint is expanding beyond its roots as a provider of custom printed products today, with a new suite of digital marketing tools for “micro” business owners. The company’s redesigned website building platform will include tools for social media marketing, local listings, email marketing, and business email, along with design services.

How Big a Discount Should Verizon Get on Yahoo? (AdAge)
Shelly Palmer: In the wake of the continuing disaster that is Yahoo, Verizon is asking for a small discount (about a billion dollars) off the agreed-upon purchase price. Everyone understands why. Yahoo covered up a super-sized hack that exposed account information for over 500 million Yahoo users for over two years.

Finance-centric Publisher Tries Its Hand at More Commerce (Digiday)
How To Spend It, the Financial Times’ luxury and lifestyle supplement, is relaunching Wednesday with a redesign that focuses on improved speed, aesthetics and — most important — a more robust e-commerce tool. Now each article has a “Where to find it” box, linking out to where readers can purchase the item.

ActiveCampaign Secures $20 Million from Silversmith Capital Partners (VentureBeat)
ActiveCampaign’s platform drives the marketing and sales processes of tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses worldwide. Since the start of 2015 they have experienced a growth rate of over 550% and expanded their team from 14 employees to over 75.

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