Street Fight Daily: Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads for Retail, Google Debuts Allo

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facebook Launches ‘Dynamic Ads for Retail’ (AdWeek)
Facebook today is debuting a system called “dynamic ads for retail” that will, in theory, eliminate the above pain point. These new ads are designed to allow merchants to only serve Facebook promos of products that are actually available in a chain brand’s location.

Google Launches Smart Messaging App, Hoping It Will Gain Traction as Platform (VentureBeat)
Google today launched Google Allo, a messaging app for Android and iOS with Smart Reply and Google Assistant. Google is hoping Allo will grow into a platform, like many messaging apps already have.

How Apple’s iOS 10 Enables Location Marketing On-Demand (Street Fight)
Gib Olander: The company unleashed a slew of features with iOS 10, such as the ability to transcribe phone messages automatically. Three features in particular give businesses a glimpse at how the customer journey continues to increase in velocity.

Amazon May Be Tinkering with Its Price-Comparison Pages (Recode)
The report, published on Tuesday morning by ProPublica, found problems with Amazon’s price-comparison pages, which are supposed to allow customers to find the lowest price on a given product. The tool seems to rank products in a way that favors items sold by Amazon, or merchants who pay Amazon to ship products on their behalf.

5 Ways Merchants Are Using Instagram Stories to Connect with Consumers (Street Fight)
Instagram’s new Stories feature, which debuted in early August, is providing merchants with a new way to generate buzz without spending a dime. Here are five examples of ways that businesses are using Instagram Stories to capture consumer attention and reinvigorate sales.

Retailers Push Investments in Augmented Reality, Even As Consumer Interest Dips (AdExchanger)
While consumer interest in augmented reality (AR) has risen and fallen like a tide, retailers and tech vendors see it as more than just a passing fad.

Cracking the Cross-Device Dilemma: A Must for Cross-Platform Attribution (eMarketer)
Ari Buchalter, president of technology at programmatic advertising solutions provider MediaMath, spoke with eMarketer about MediaMath’s focus on attribution capabilities and the importance of improving cross-device and data onboarding capabilities to enhance the quality of cross-platform attribution modeling.

Uber Rival Scores $750 Million to Conquer Part of Asian Market (Recode)
In the ride-hail industry’s fight for market share, Southeast Asia is still up for grabs. So it comes as no surprise that Grab, Southeast Asia’s homegrown player, has just raised $750 million in a round led by existing investor SoftBank Capital.

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