Is Apple’s Encroachment on Local Finally Ready for Prime Time?

“I see [Apple’s] messaging platform as the third leg of mobile (joining the web and apps) that we need in place for the transition to non-traditional interfaces like voice,” Mike Blumenthal tells David Mihm. “Apple is building out a stable of ‘body’ computers with the Watch and now the AirPods that can provide an interface to the web.”

How Apple’s iOS 10 Enables Location Marketing On-Demand

The company unleashed a slew of features with iOS 10, such as the ability to transcribe phone messages automatically. Three features in particular give businesses a glimpse at how the customer journey continues to increase in velocity.

Street Fight Daily: Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads for Retail, Google Debuts Allo

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Facebook Launches ‘Dynamic Ads for Retail’… Google Launches Smart Messaging App, Hoping It Will Gain Traction as Platform… Amazon May Be Tinkering with Its Price-Comparison Pages…