Street Fight Daily: Google Data Supports Mobile-First Ads, Brands Infiltrate iMessage

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Google’s Mobile User Data Shines Light on Consumer Purchasing Habits (AdWeek)
According to Google, 92 percent of respondents who did research on their phone made a purchase within a day, and 76 percent of those searching for something nearby visited a related business within a day.

As Apple Opens iMessage Store, Brands from Burger King to Betty Boop Want In (Digiday)
Today Apple will be rolling out its iOS 10 update, and, with it, comes a shot across Facebook’s bow: Apple will be opening a dedicated app store for iMessage, its messaging service. And brands smell an opportunity: Disney, Burger King, Mario Bros., Toyota and Betty Boop will all be launching their own branded stickers on Apple iMessage.

HomeAdviser CEO: The Marketplace for Home Services Is ‘Operationally Intense’ (Street Fight)
“If you’re going to get into [the home services] space, you better be prepared to really invest and for the long haul,” says Chris Terrill. “There are no quick fixes or technology that’s suddenly going to turn this thing around.”

Verizon Buys Connected Lighting Company, Adding More Location Capability (MediaPost)
Continuing its push into IoT activities, Verizon just agreed to purchase Sensity Systems, a California company that specializes in connected LED lighting found as a component of smart city installations. From a market standpoint, the lighting could be a significant tracking device for retail.

App Connects Travelers with Revelers, Parties Ensue (Street Fight)
Rick Robinson: Thanks to the recently refreshed Party With a Local app, this lonely planet of ours may become just a bit less so — or a least more social. “The idea … came from my own experiences of finding that a night out anywhere is better with a local, but it’s not always easy to meet locals,” CEO Dan Fennessy said of the service.

Ford Paid More Than $65M for Shuttle-Van Startup Chariot (Business Insider)
Last Friday, Ford bought shuttle-van startup Chariot in an all-cash deal. But the price wasn’t disclosed, so it wasn’t clear whether this was a case of a distressed startup selling for a bargain-basement price, or Ford paying a solid price for a strategic fit into its long-term plans. Turns out it was the latter.

Native Mobile Adtech Startup Avocarrot Acquired by Glispa Global for $20M (TechCrunch)
Native mobile advertising startup Avocarrot has been acquired by adtech company Glispa Global Group. Described as a native advertising Supply-Side Platform, Avocarrot offer a monetization solution for mobile apps via less intrusive advertising dubbed “native advertising.”

Measuring Web Ad Success: Medium Bets On Attention Metrics (AdExchanger)
First, brands paid a CPM to show article snippets. Now cost per view dominates. When Medium launched its sponsored content program in April, it took the currency one step further. It charges for “total time read” (TTR), a metric that bets that longer view times drive results for advertisers.

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