Street Fight Daily: Lyft Disputes Sale Report, OpenStreetMap Debuts Crowdsourced Street View

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Lyft President Says Company Was Never Looking for a Buyer (Business Insider)
Lyft President John Zimmer blasted reports that the ride-hailing company is shopping itself around, disputing a series of recent news stories saying that Lyft had failed to find a buyer after talking to six different companies.

Location Data Crowdsourcing Platform OpenStreetMap Debuts OpenStreetView (Search Engine Land)
OpenStreetMap has launched an effort to build an open-source version of Google Street View, called (not surprisingly) OpenStreetView. The hope is to use crowdsourcing to generate street-level photography for OSM on a global basis.

Factual’s Rob Jonas: Location Tech Still Has Some Big Problems to Solve (Street Fight)
Factual has been working over the past year to build out location data partnerships with a variety of agencies and brands. We recently caught up with Rob Jonas, the company’s SVP of revenue, to talk about where Factual sees local heading and why the location data space isn’t as crowded as general adtech.

Many Businesses Can’t Assess the Digital Customer’s Experience (eMarketer)
For marketers looking to decode the customer journey, understanding customer pain points can be helpful. According to April 2016 research, almost three-quarters of executives in North America said they have at least some capability to detect when and how digital customers are struggling, but only one in five said they possess a “strong capability” to do so.

Brand Battle: The Final Score (Street Fight)
The nine Brand Battles demonstrated true commitment to local branding by nearly all of the companies that competed – but fights over best data quality, superior customer engagement and reviews were intense, and the scores were close. Out of the five areas where Brandify collected data, the point of attack in local SEO and advertising proved that a clear strategy equals clear winners…

Food Delivery Service MealPass Cuts Cost of Lunch In Half (Observer)
Sage Lazzaro: MealPass, a lunch subscription service from the co-founder of ClassPass, has cut the cost of daily lunch delivery in half with a daily lunch plan priced at only $119 per month. And in addition to its attractive price, the service is extremely convenient.

News Crowdsourcing Platform Connects Media Organizations with Local Audiences (Columbia Journalism Review)
Hey Area, a collaborative storytelling project, pairs questions from the community with reporters who can get answers. It’s one of many such projects powered by Hearken, a Chicago-based startup that builds tools aimed at making it easier for journalists do their jobs and strengthening audience connections with news enterprises large and small.

7 Ways National Brands Can Localize Email Marketing Campaigns (Street Fight)
Going local with an email campaign can be as simple as segmenting lists by city and including the addresses of local stores or as involved as editing the copy to reflect regional purchasing trends and language dialects. The end goal remains the same: to ground the business in the local community and give customers a sense of trust.


Why Too Much Personalization Can Be a Problem for Brands (AdAge)
In the personalization triangle, you either individualize the experience, provide a good experience overall, or have low costs. Let’s look at the problem through the lens of three different kinds of businesses: the first purely digital, the second hybrid online and offline, and the third purely brick and mortar.

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