Street Fight Daily: Co-op Marketing Battles Facebook/Google/Amazon, Lead Generation’s Future

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Facing Facebook, Google, and Amazon, Brands Pool Their Data (Marketing Land)
The planet-sized online ecosystems run by Facebook, Google, and Amazon are so large that their centrality to advertising and retailing threatens even established smaller brands. To gain the scale they need to compete, many brands are pooling and sharing their data.

The Future of Digital Lead Generation (TechCrunch)
Dmitri Saveliev: As technology advances, lead generation changes. Looking back over the history of lead generation is important to understanding today’s models, the influence of ridesharing companies (who consider themselves to be “lead generation apps”), and where we’re headed next.

Will Phone Calls Survive the Chatbot Apocalypse? (Street Fight)
Michael Boland: The trillion dollar question: Will emerging chatbot technology annihilate the phone call? Though I’m bullish on messaging and chatbots, the answer to that question is likely no.

Publishers ‘Feeding On Scraps from Facebook’, Says Bloomberg Media Boss (The Guardian)
Newspapers, magazines, and other publishers are “feeding on the scraps” of Facebook’s ad business despite playing a central role in keeping the social network’s users happy, according to Justin Smith, chief executive of Bloomberg’s publishing arm. He said that even though Facebook was sending traffic to publisher websites, it was making far more from ads in its news feed, which is filled with publisher content.

Tools: 9 Mobile Apps That Are Transforming Local Commerce (Street Fight)
Sponsored Post: 92 percent of SMBs use at least one cloud business solution. They’d be foolish not to, as the many benefits include scalability and faster growth, flexibility, lower costs, less maintenance, and heightened security. Here are some of the free mobile apps businesses are using to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and save time and money.

Yahoo’s $8 Billion Black Hole (Bloomberg)
An in-depth look at Marissa Mayer’s time at Yahoo and what went wrong. By the time Mayer arrived in 2012, Yahoo’s search engine had been declining for a decade and advertising rates had been flat. Mayer focused much of her energy creating ad products for mobile and redesigning Yahoo’s apps, but those improvements have not been big enough to turn the company around.

Ad Tech Is Having a Premature Midlife Crisis (Digiday)
The shift from manual and inefficient ad buying practices to automated and data-driven ones is a no-brainer. There’s little doubt that automation will play an ever-larger role in advertising. Yet ad tech in 2016 is a victim of its own success. Few people fight its ascendency, but nagging questions have arisen based on outsized expectations.

Market Demands Omnichannel, But Online Sales Are Eating Up Profits (Women’s Wear Daily)
According to a recent study, earnings as a percent of sales have declined 25 percent or more for many retailers “as a direct result of the shift from in-store to online sales, combined with the high additional investments that have been made to enable ecommerce and omnichannel capabilities and the much higher variable cost of servicing, completing, and fulfilling ecommerce transactions.”

6 Customer Analytics Solutions for Restaurants (Street Fight)
The restaurant industry may be better positioned to take advantage of big data than almost any other vertical. Here are six examples of data platforms that restaurants can use for both sales and service optimization.

Uber Enables Global E-hailing Through Alipay to Fend Against Lyft/Didi Alliance (Recode)
Uber riders from China won’t have to worry about language barriers or currency when traveling outside of the country. Now, they’ll be able to pay for and hail a ride in the Alipay app in the 400+ cities in which Uber operates.

Amazon to Expand Same-Day Prime to Underserved Metros (USA Today)
A week and a half after an analysis found that Amazon’s free same-day Prime delivery wasn’t available in largely black neighborhoods in major U.S. cities, Amazon says it is now working to bring the service to those areas.

Google, Facebook, Uber, Others Join NYC Tech Industry Lobbying Group (The Verge)
A new tech advocacy group has launched, and it already has some big players lined up. Tech:NYC — co-chaired by venture capitalist Fred Wilson and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong — plans to become “a more formal and representative organization” for tech companies in the city, as it lobbies for industry-friendly policies.

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